Short and Curly Men's Hairstyles, Easy Styling Through a Barber Shop

Posted January 24, 2017 from United States
Curly Hairstyles
Men's curly hairstyles
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There are many men with curly hair that have a fear of styling it as they may believe that only men with straight hair can be versatile. The good news is that there are many curly men’s hairstyles out there for you all. Plus, you are not alone in your struggles just have a look at all the video's and photographs online of different curly hairstyles for men.

Whether you would like it off to the side, long and wild at the top, some long locks or short curly hairstyles, there is a hairstyle out there that will suit you well. If you want it rugged and relaxed with some windswept waves or trendy and bold with a quiff, you can. All you need is maintenance and the right products to achieve any style that you want. Thus, you can also have a great new look at the next work function or family event and stand out in all the photographs instead of hiding behind someone else.

Here are some of the most popular and best hairstyles for all the men that have curly hair.

Curly undercut


You can take it short at the sides and the back with lots of volume at the top. This men’s hairstyle will be great to slim down your face and add some height at the top. To achieve this look, your barber will use the high-grade clipper to do the sides and back but leave a longer length at the top.


Your barber will dry your hair from the roots up with a vent brush by lifting your hair backward and upwards. Once your hair is dry, use pomade in order to hold the curls in place and also to give them a natural shine. This shine will be just a good added benefit and will not make you appear overly shiny in any pictures, so no need to stress about it.

Wavy fringe


To achieve this look, your barber will go for a low or high grade on the sides and back, but he/she will keep most of your length on top. They will blend your hair at the top using a scissor. Thus, leaving the longest hair length in front and cutting it shorter towards your crown.


Begin by applying only a small amount of some curl enhancing mousse to the damp hair. Lightly scrunch your hair with your fingers while it is drying in order to create that relaxed waves. If the hair is dry, use a texture product for styling your fringe into its place. To finish it off a light-hold spray will add some staying power.

Windswept waves


For this men’s hairstyle, it works best if you have medium length hair. The back and sides should only be cut with a scissor. If you have naturally thick hair, your barber will shape it in layers to be able to keep the texture but reduce the weight.


As the barber dries your hair, he/she will lightly scrunch his/her fingers through your hair to set the waves in place. Once that is done, all that will be left is to use a texture-enhancing product for the style and you will be ready to go. You can now embrace that unkempt, rugged look, plus, this look makes for exceptionally good pictures. Remember this when going to your next wedding or family photography shoot.

Maintenance for curly and wavy hair

To keep your hair looking at its best whether it is curly or wavy, the key it to lock in that moisture and prevent frizz.

Here are some of the top tips to maintain your hair.

You need to shampoo less often

Instead of thinking that it’s a sign of bad hygiene, it actually leaves your hair looking healthier when you shampoo less. The chemicals that are in shampoo strips away your hair’s natural oils, which will lead to frizz and dryness. You can leave it for up to 3 days without shampooing if your hair is thick, yet, with fine hair every other day.

Condition your hair more often

With conditioner you moisturize your hair, you can do it more often. It will work better if you can leave it in before rinsing for about 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can really reap the benefits if you use a leave-in conditioner.

If you apply a styling product to your wet hair

When you apply styling product to your wet hair it will fully soak up all the moisture. Once your hair is dry it will still work as it should.

You need to lay off on the heat

If you use too much straightening it will damage and also dry out your hair, leaving you with frizz instead of curls. Try to go for about a week without using any heat and your natural curls will revive themselves.

Brush your hair while it’s wet

You might have heard that you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet but the key will be to avoid brushing your hair when it is dry. You need to use a wide-toothed comb for your wet hair. When the comb is to fine, it will separate the hair too much. Remember you want to have volume and not frizz. To get the maximum results, you should comb it through while you are still in the shower with the conditioner still on it.

Caring for curly hair is not easy but not impossible either. Visit your barber regularly and find the right curly men's hairstyle that works for you. Always remember the camera captures the truth, so, if you want to know if a style works for you, simply have a photograph taken.

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Aramide Oikelome
Jul 19, 2017
Jul 19, 2017

Dear EKalman,

I want to commend your interest in men and boys, especially as expressed in your story.

The truth is that all over the world, we focus more on girls and women to the total neglect of what becomes of our boys who grow up to become men. My argument has always been that if we fail to give attention to mentoring and training the boys to do and live right, they will grow up to become monsters and our girls who get to marry them will be the worst hit.

Yes, our boys and men must bee responsible to keep neat and cute. The look matters a lot.

Thanks for sharing this vital and detailed information.

Keep up the good work,