Safety of a Car Offered to Women in the World

Posted March 30, 2017 from United States
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Have you ever been to Africa or South Africa?

As women, we have fought many long battles to be seen as equals and not merely slaves to men. We have gained multiple rights across the world, yet, in some countries, women still struggle to be equal.

As time passed and we fought our battles, each country led by a special woman, each gaining little by little equal rights on many fronts. This included most professions from doctors, pilots and even chefs to cashiers, teachers, and drivers.

In the olden days, the role of women was simple according to traditions. You learned all the skills from your mother and would apply them to your home and family once you got married. These included cleaning the house, cooking, washing, feeding and bathing the kids and ensuring your man had what was needed. However, as women got more and more rights, these slowly changed as well. Most women today still do these tasks and more, yet, many also have jobs.

Women are mostly softer than men, that is just the way we are built. Thus, we should also be protected, to this, we have a right. At home, at work and even in our cars on the road, we have a right to safety. Yet, with so much crime in the world today that privilege has been taken from women in many countries.

I look at articles online of safety features of homes and cars offered to men, women, and children and compared those to a variety of countries. What I found was quite shocking. If you take a look at cars offered in America and cars offered in South Africa, you will see a major difference.

Your first and second world countries have so much more to offer where safety is concerned. However, in your third and fourth world countries that safety is not even available.

Driving down the street in Brooklyn, NYC, you can lock your car, and yes, that can also be done with cars in any other country. Yet, Cars in America offer drive assist, sensors and camera's are all around and more. Cars in South Africa do not have those functions available.

In NYC you can stop outside your apartment, complex or home and get out of your car, walk down the street or pull into your driveway without having to first stop and look all around you, taking in every person and every possibility of an attack. In South Africa even stopping at a supermarket could cost you your life. Pulling into your driveway, you can be shot or mugged, or even hijacked.

Safety bags for you and your kids with an accident is life changing. In South Africa most of the roads are full of holes, these are a great danger to drivers in general. Nonetheless, more so to women transporting their children to school and back.

With added safety features to cars through advanced technologies, women around the world can be safer, yet, it is not available. A simple thing such as a dashboard camera or sensor can make a big difference. Most of the time you don’t even see the pending danger as a stranger hide behind your car waiting for you to get out. With a sensor, you would know, even if you can’t see something, you would know there is something by the rear end of your car. This could make a big difference to many women.

Most technologies are so advanced and have been around for quite some time that even third world countries should try to adapt their cars, security systems, and homes for the safety of all.

Stay in America where it is a lot safer in your home and on the roads.

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Mar 31, 2017
Mar 31, 2017

Hello EKalman, your story here is interesting. Thanks for writing it. Yes, I have been to South Africa, a number of years ago, and loved my visit. It was a study trip in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and even rural Kwazulu. We were learning from the people their difficulties with apartheid. Here you speak of car safety. I am an older woman and my car is 19 years old, so it doesn't have any of these new features. I feel safe, because I live in a safe community I guess. But I admire your recognition of these features which are needed in a community where there is easy crime. I wish you well in bringing about more safety for women when driving. Also, there is a need to reduce the crime rate, or retrain the people and employ them. Often, lack of jobs creates crime. Good luck in your efforts!