Issues That Can Affect a Woman’s Health

Posted October 18, 2017 from United States
Woman’s Health

A woman is a beautiful creation and has so much to give. There is so much that she can do, she is a superhero. A woman should be looked after as one would look after a piece of gold. Women may seem to be perfect, yet, we all have problems. Most of the problems a woman may face have to do with her health.

Yes, all people have problems, however, all might not have the same problems. Health issues can be anything on the outside of the body or anything on the inside of the body. It also includes the mind, attitude and more.

Here is a list of thing that could affect a woman’s health and her body. These might give her discomfort and sleepless nights. Many of these could also be true for men but today we are looking at women’s health issues.


There are two different cancers that are very common (or only found) among women. They are cervical and breast cancer. To be able to protect a woman’s health from these two types of cancer, it needs to be detected at a very early stage. These cancers and basically any other cancer can kill a person if not treated from the start.

Cancer is one of the main reasons why deaths of woman are so high. About ½ a million woman die from breast cancer and ½ a million die from cervical cancer each year. These deaths are mostly found in areas where there is not enough money for treatment. But still, this is a lot of women that die each year due to cancer.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive and sexual health problems are a big cause of pain and discomfort for about 1/3 of all women. This can start from a tender age of 15 or develop anytime during their lives up to the age of 44. Yes, there are also some that may have these issues after that age but it is less common.

Nonetheless, the major risk factor associated with all of them is unsafe sex. We see most of these occurring in the developing countries. There are about 222 million women that are not getting the contraception services they are needing. This service includes proper sexual education.

Maternal Health

In the modern world, we have awesome benefits and technology to help care for a woman that is pregnant. The only bad thing is that we do not have these benefits and technology all over the world.

In 2013 there were about 300 000 women that died giving birth or who died due to complications with pregnancy. A lot of these deaths could have been prevented if they just had a little bit of basic service.


Young women are still having difficulty with protecting themselves from sexual transmission of HIV. A lot of these young women aren’t getting the right education or treatment that they should be getting to help stop the HIV infection. Once a woman has it, she is also very vulnerable to get tuberculosis. This is a leading cause of deaths in countries that do not have much money. Thus, we see women between the ages 20 and 59 die due to this.

Violence Against Women

There is a variety of violent situations that women are exposed to daily, but there is two that are more common. These are sexual and physical violence. These situations can either be due to a partner or in some countries due to any other person. Statistics show that one in every three women has been through such a situation during their lifetime. Most of these are all under the age 50.

For a young woman, a situation like this can cause them a lot of mental issues, along with the physical issues. These types of situations can happen over a short period or drag on for a long time. We as human beings should keep an eye open and help if we can.

Women should learn to protect themselves from a young age. As parents, it is our duty to protect our girls and teach them to care for themselves.

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Oct 19, 2017
Oct 19, 2017

Dear Ekalman,

It was interesting to read your article. I absolutely enjoyed it.

How can we be functional as women if we do not ensure that we are in top shape at all times? We must never ignore our health for any reason, as the state of our health directly affects our productivity for the better or for the worse.

I agree that parents must teach their daughters early how to value their bodies and their health and how to care for themselves. Parents' involvement goes a long way to develop and establish the healthy mindset in girls that women are assets and not tools.

A healthy woman is a healthy world. Looking forward to hearing from you more. With love from all here at World Pulse, and from me personally.

Nov 07, 2017
Nov 07, 2017

Hello EKalman,

Thank you for sharing your article in regards to health on a woman.  We are responsible for our health, what we eat, our feelings and how we take care of the body.  If our heart is healthy so as our body. Have a great day :)