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About Me

My belief in women's reproductive freedom and in gender equity led to development of Channel Foundation, which, since 2005 is exclusively committed to supporting advocacy for women's human rights internationally. Regionally (U.S. Pacific Northwest) I've had a long association with Social Justice Fund NW as a donor and active member, helping to ensure the empowerment of low-income and marginalized peoples in both urban and rural communities. I am also a supporter and political advocate for women's rights, environmental justice, independent media and indigenous peoples' self-determination. From 1989 to 2008 I spent 5 years teaching English in colleges in different parts of China, the two most recent years in Xinjiang Province, where I witnessed the repression and persecution of the Uighur population under the central government's control. I've travelled widely throughout the world as an EarthWatch volunteer, on wilderness and anthropological expeditions, and for international women's conferences. Now, at 61, I plan to spend more time in the U.S., do more volunteer work, and find ways to deepen my spiritual life. world news and progress toward justice limited knowledge and time writing

My Vision

a socialist revolution in the developed world