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About Me

Interested and curious about people, their history, culture and traditions. Teacher at elementary school to help integrate foreign children and their families in new school system and implement communication and understanding for diversity as a personal and socio-community enrichment. Collaboration at a project of empowerment of migrant women: language/alphabetization course and knowledge of the territory with its facilities. Translator for legal texts and annual report of Amnesty INternational. Master in conflict mediation, facilitation and peace operator. Certificates in legal approach for migrants and citizenship. Participation at workshops against human trafficking. Living in multicultural family and environment. Openminded and willing to learn from others and share ideas Children, Animals, Sports(football, volleyball, tennis, swimming), reading, travelling Raise awareness of inequality and injustice in all its forms all around the world and collaborate in finding active solutions starting from the bottom and from people directly involved Education, Writing, Conflict mediation, Translation

My Vision

A more equal world for women, men and children, less discrimination, oppression, abuse of power in every context and fair conditions