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About Me

I am an artist who specializes in the intersection of art and science. I transform my brain scans, particularly MRIs, into provocative images that challenge how society views the brain, and illness. Since my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I have had numerous brain scans to track the progression of my disease. I began using art to reinterpret these images. My work invites people to discuss what it means to live in an imperfect body, and to stare directly at the beauty and complexity of the imperfect brain with curiosity.

As my disease has progressed, my practice has evolved. I used to engage in traditional art practice; now I use storytelling, technology, and design to focus on expanding the narrative of illness. I am currently working on untapped potential of time spent in waiting rooms of clinics, using portraiture, interactive art, and collecting stories to broaden and deepen the narrative around illness.

My Vision

Illness + disability must be acknowledged as a part of being human. Together we can create safe spaces to tell our stories.


I would love to be more connected to communities living with disability and neurological illness throughout the world.


Art, printmaking, social media, collaboration, disability, conversations about illness/disability with patients and healthcare providers.


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