The Book of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Brewah
Posted October 11, 2017 from Sierra Leone
Life is a static world, get up and make that change

My name is Elizabeth, born and raised in Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa in a single parent family. I grow up in the arms of my father who was an accountant very rich and influential but during the war, we lost everything and we went from been rich to poverty.

Our houses were burnt down, cars and everything we had, we went from staying in a three story building to a zinc house. I was practically raped during the war and i was 9 years old under a gun point. In 2004, I lost my father and his family took away all that he left for us, we started struggling from one place to another until today when I am not 100% successful but striving to reach success. I left school with a qualified result to enter into the university but because of some financial constrains I went to a ply-technique school. Today I am a Higher Teachers Certificate Holder with over 5 years in the NGO world.

This story was submitted in response to STEM Is for Everyone.

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 11, 2017
Oct 11, 2017

Hi Elizabeth,

Your story tells me just how strong you are. Thankfully you survived, the horror of war, the loss of your father, the terrible treatment by his family. Congratulations on becoming a teacher and for your involvement with NGO's. I truly hope that you feel the complete support we all can offer each other through ongoing connecting within World Pulse. I love your message: Life is a static world, get up and make that change. This is what makes our finding each other through World Pulse so special and important.

In sisterhood,


Elizabeth Brewah
Oct 13, 2017
Oct 13, 2017

Dear Tam,

Thank you so much for this sweet encouragement. I am blessed to be here and also blessed to have met you here. Keeping ourselves encouraged and supported is the best we can give to each other. I hope to get to know you better. My email is [email protected] and my whatsapp and direct number is 23279106471. Keep in touch.

In sisterhood.