''I believe in dreams" European Weightlifting Champion in 2015, four-time Armenian weightlifting champion, Arpine Dalalyan.

Posted September 29, 2015 from Armenia

Recently we have had the honor to speak with one a sixteen years old European Weightlifting Champion in 2015, four-time Armenian weightlifting champion, Arpine Dalalyan.

- Welcome Arpine! I would like to congratulate you on behalf of our team on your brilliant victory. Could you tell us how long have you been weightlifting?

- Hello, thank you. I have been training with weightlifting for 5 years already.

- And what achievements have you had during all of these years?

- I’m a four-time Armenian champion, but the biggest success I have had was winning the title of European Weightlifting Champion in 2015.

- Can you tell us why you chose weightlifting?

- It was my grandfather who introduced me to weightlifting.

- Did your grandfather practice weightlifting?

- No, he just loved sports and encouraged me to go to weightlifting.

- Have you ever thought about quitting weightlifting?

- No, I love weightlifting more day by day.

- Have you ever met any obstacles during these years?

- Yes, a lot!

- Can you tell us about some of them?

- Can I not answer this question?

- Sure, if you don’t want to. Please tell me what gave you strength and motivation to continue this sport?

- My will.

- Is there anybody who supports you in your journey?

- Yes. My parents and my coach.

- Did you have problems with them before they started supporting you?

- Yes, I always had problems with my mother.

- And how did you persuade her?

- My grandfather talked to her.

- If not weightlifting, then what?

- I can’t imagine anything else, only weightlifting.

- I guess you don’t have much spare time, but when you do, what do you usually do?

- Sleep.

- What inspires you in your life?

- Tatyana Kashirina, she is the strongest weightlifter in the world.

- Good. If you had an opportunity to change something in the world, what it would be?

- I don’t know what I would change, but I guess it would be something for the better.

- Arpine, what would you say to your peers?

- I would say “dress a little longer” I mean don’t wear such revealing clothes.

- Where does a woman’s power come from?

- I think from her will.

- What do you believe in?

- In dreams.

- I wish all your dreams come true. Thank you for the interview.

- Thank you.

The Armenian female team showed brilliant results in the Junior European Weightlifting Championship. Of the four participants, two brought home gold medals and one brought silver. A 13-year-old athlete ranked 4th place, and Armenian weightlifters achieved unprecedented success in the tournament overall by winning 14 gold, 11 silver and 4 bronze medals.

As women we are proud to have such physically strong and spiritually resilient young women who serve as an example not only for teenage girls, but also for our whole society.

interviewer: Elvira Meliksetyan

translation: Piruza Manukyan

edition: Nana Shakhnazaryan

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