I stand and care for survivors

Emelda Mkandawire
Posted December 10, 2020 from Malawi

Pain is real it becomes more painful when memories keep flashing back  our human brain does not forget things  easily  our mind can never be infected with the virus like the way memory cards are .we are human and will never be machines.

There are multiple expressions of feelings,sadness,happiness,anger, surprised we all express feelings based on the actions. Let me cut it short and go straight to my point.

This is what I like saying about women who have been abused physically , emotionally and sexually Dear all I call you a hero for you were able to speak out ,I still call you a hero because you managed to share a story ,I will never stand in the crowd and leave you behind you are like my sister from another mother, you are a woman just as I am, I will not call you names ,I will protect you and keep you in a safe place.

Human beings are humans despite differences in culture,age ,country same as a woman ,a woman will still remain a woman despite different backgrounds,whether you from Africa,Russia,,india ,USA etcetera when you hurt  my heart bleeds .

You deserve to enjoy your rights just like everyone does I love you wherever you are  know that you are safe because we are working on that to make sure that each and every single woman is safe .

#I am my sister's keeper

#i am for Her

#i will fight for her

# you are not abandoned


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Jill Langhus
Dec 11, 2020
Dec 11, 2020

Hi Emelda,

This is lovely. Thanks for sharing, and caring so much for others, regardless of their background.

Hope you're well, and that you have a good weekend. XX

Nini Mappo
Dec 11, 2020
Dec 11, 2020

Hello Emelda,
Thank you for standing with those who have suffered gender based violence. We can create safe spaces for each other, both in our homes and in our hearts, and together facilitate healing. It is wonderful that you are a safe space for others!

Tamarack Verrall
Dec 11, 2020
Dec 11, 2020

Hello Emelda,
What a powerful and loving message out to all women who have been abused. "I will never stand in the crowd and leave you behind"..."when you hurt my heart bleeds". Spoken by a true sister. This is how we grow. I am so glad we are able to be connected though World Pulse.
In sisterhood,

Catherine De Freitas
Dec 13, 2020
Dec 13, 2020

Hello my wonderful sister, your post touched my heart so much. Your compassionate heart is so needed right now. I stand with you and I will never leave you behind, because you are my sister. You are indeed My sister. You are blessed to be a blessing and truly amazing. Stay beautiful.

Your sister, Kate