Corona is real ,Stay safe

Emelda Mkandawire
Posted January 12, 2021 from Malawi

Hello lovely ladies it's been a minute since I checked up on you I hope you are all good. Well to my side I'm doing good.

As we all know we are in the midst of this pandemic of corona virus and much more the situation is very tough as many people are dying .

In my country Malawi the cases of deaths are on a rise ,it so sad to see your loved ones ,friends and relatives dying .

To make things simple now that you and I are still surviving let's follow the precaution measures  to save your life and to protect to those sorrounding us.

Let's wash hands with soap or any hand sanitizers available in our homes now and then.

Let us observe social distancing  if we are reporting for work.

Let us also wear masks always when in public places and do not reuse the masks but rather burn them or throw them in a bin because once they are used they become a garbage ,do not throw them in streets please I urge you all.

Above all will get through this one day  and my lovely sisters observe the rules because I don't want to lose you darlings.

This is what I wanted to share with you .

In sisterhood we stand  together

I am my sister's keeper

This story was submitted in response to Our Bodies, Our Health.

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Jan 12
Jan 12

We are all suffering in the Pandemic. Our life changes greatly in the last one year. We have to be cautious and be aware of the hygienic measures. Wear the mask, wash hands, keep social distance, etc. are crucial for the time being.
Keep safe & Take care! May Almighty God bless you all!

Hello, Emelda,

Thank you for checking up on us. That is so sweet and thoughtful of you. Thanks, too, for the important reminder. We all need to stay safe because our medical frontliners need to rest, too. Thanks for being a great sisters' keeper. Please keep it up! We all need a sister's keeper.

Thelma obani 2020
Mar 06
Mar 06

Absolutely beautiful. Reminder came in time. Thanks

Sinyuy Geraldine
Jun 25
Jun 25

hello Emelda, thanks so much for posting this reminder. we all need to stay safe because we all need each other. I'm glad to hear that you're safe.