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Want to know how you can be supporting World Pulse's new groups?

Emily Garcia
Posted February 26, 2015 from United States
Expired on April 27, 2015

Listeners and Welcomers,

Our new groups, Economic Empowermentand Leadership, need your support. Here are three things you can do:


  1. Provide the following link to our group directory in your welcome messages and suggest new members check out our groups:
  2. When you see a new member that might be a good fit for one of these two groups, include in your welcome message some brief information about the specific group (see group descriptions for information to include) and direct them there with a link.
  3. Join a group and participate!


  1. When you see a journal post related to economic empowerment or leadership, encourage the author to join and post to one of our groups and direct them there with a link.
  2. Devote part of the time you spend Listening to commenting on group posts. Please let me know by replying to this post or by email ( if you would like to divide your time as a Listener to support one or both groups and the general community.
  3. Join a group and choose to be a Group Listener, devoting your Listening to commenting on group posts alone.Please let me know by replying to this post or by email ( if you would like to be a Group Listener.

Listeners, please note:

Both individual journal posts and group posts can be found on our Community Voices page:

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to distinguish between the two post types from this list alone. You will need to click on and open up a post. Once you open a post, you will be able to see where it has been posted by looking below the title. Look for the words "Posted to."

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Tamarack Verrall
Feb 28, 2015
Feb 28, 2015

Thanks Emily for this. These links were very helpful for me as I began to explore the WorldPulse site, and the new ones really help with specific suggestions we can make as Welcomers and Listeners. The new site is beautiful, and the guidance of those of you on "our team" is so appreciated.

Emily Garcia
Mar 02, 2015
Mar 02, 2015

Thank you for your kind feedback, Tam! I'm glad this has been helpful to you. :)



Cali gal Michelle
Mar 11, 2015
Mar 11, 2015

Great info here, Emily! Thanks! 

Emily Garcia
Mar 12, 2015
Mar 12, 2015

Sure thing! Please let me know if you have any questions. We're still getting used to the new site ourselves! :)