VOF Resources; Building My Community

Emily Miki
Posted April 4, 2016 from Cameroon

Up until I could write out my assets and resources did I know how rich I was. For a long time I always had financial limitations in achieving my dreams. But after drawing my resource inventory, I realized I was very rich because I had a huge sum of Human Capital. A large group of people I could count on any time and this was my greatest discovery that had me shocked. I hadn’t realized how valuable my community members where to me; my family, friends, colleagues, classmates, childhood friends and many others. It was a powerful realization that has spurred me up to make vital use of every little support I can get from there, for their every support is the ladder I need to get ahead on my journey and as I walk the talk.

It has recently helped me get most of the things I listed in my ‘things I still need to get to achieve my goals’ in a matter of a few days. Getting my resource inventory and strategy written out has been a light to my many unseen potentials and assets. This particular exercise was quiet something to write home about.

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Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Apr 04, 2016
Apr 04, 2016

Yes Emily It was surely an eye opener for all pf us. And its good you are still wroting down your inventory. Good work my sister. Stay blessed

Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016

Hello Emily,

This exercise opened lot of eyes for many of us. We are surrounded by many wonderful resources. All the best going forward.

Ward Regards


Tamara Kubacki
Apr 10, 2016
Apr 10, 2016

Dear Emily,

It's easy to get hung up on the idea that financial resources are the most important, and when we have meager finances, it's easy to feel hopeless. I'm so glad that this inventory helped you see how rich you actually are. With such a large network of support, you will be able to accomplish so much. I bet your finances will begin to grow as more and more people join your list of resources, too! Once people see the good work you are doing, they will want to help you. 

I am looking forward to hearing more about your goals and how you are accomplishing them.