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Educate Orphans And Invest In Our Future

Emily Miki
Posted August 12, 2015 from Cameroon
Expired on October 11, 2015
One Humanity Charity Organisation Scholarship Program
OHCO visit to one of the rural orphanages in Mfou
OHCO visit to one of the rural orphanages in Mfou (1/1)

The passing out of a loved one is always a very difficult moment in life for everyone. It affects our lives in many ways. The incidence of the loss both parents on a child are diverse; they can emotional, financial, economic, and social. We recently noticed that there are many children who drop out of school because they are unable to continue the financing of their education after then loss of both parent. This is why we imagined this scholarship scheme. The mission of the scheme is to offer

tuition fees to orphans of both parents who intend to continue education but are facing financial difficulties because both parents are no more and there is no one to provide for the fees. The scholarship entails feeding and housing allowances, didactic materials as well as cover the tuition fees for more than a year per scholar. Also cover orphans who intend to undertake informal (learn a trade) instead of continuing informal education.

Being a child or a young person is already enough to cause vulnerability. But being an orphaned child or youth makes the matter worse. We believe these children and young people have a lot of potential in them in which if we invest, we can make a difference in their lives and secure their futures. For they are our tomorrow. The money donated will be used to give scholarships to orphans through the One Humanity Charity Organisation Scholarship Program (OHCOSP2015) that targets over 50 children and youths from the primary education level to the university level in Cameroon.


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