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World Pulse Mobile Application As A Perk For My Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign

Emily Miki
Posted August 17, 2015 from Cameroon
Expired on October 16, 2015

In the early years of my life at 9, I read a lot of children novels where I learnt the lesson of the Western parent child upbring in which each time a child came to her parent for money to buy something in school the parent gave them a little house chores to do and earn the money. This was all in a bit to instill the attitude of work for whatever you want to earn. So on Wednesday last week, I was looking at my 'Educate Orphans and Invest In Their Future' fundraiser campaign and realised it wasn't working out and what was I going to do about that? So I got this idea of working for the funds I need for implementing my project. Ok how do I do that? At Indiegogo they use Perks which is given to supporters for their support, but I didn't have any perk to offer. Then right then it dawned on me that I do have something to offer, my services and know-how. So came this idea to create a World Pulse mobile app as a perk for my fundraising campaign. My idea might not be the most brilliant but I believe it is worth something. So here is my perk to the World Pulse sisters that will support my campaign with $10; the link to download the World Pulse App. I am really counting on everyone's support to make this a success. Thanks for the countless support from the World Pulse team and God bless us all.

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