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About Me

I might no have existed if left in the hands of my father. I grew up with my grandmother in a remote village in Delta State. She took me up to relife my mother who has been left to cater for me since my father denied responsibility for my conception claiming the doctor told him he had low sperm count.

My mother who became a single mother faced several discriminatory acts by ther local church.

I became journalist after a training at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism however my journalistic training does not end with reporting what others have are doing rather it starts with shaping the world, setting the agenda that will include everyone in development process.

Marrying a blind person exposed me to the understanding of how disability affects me as a non-disabled person.

I am affected by the discrimination, inaccessibility, stigmatization pervalent in the society. I recieve different messages orally and visually when I am introduced as a blind person's wife: some are pity (eya!!) suprise (woow!!) disgust (kai!!!) etc. All these did not make me comfortable, I have decided to raise my voice and change the perception people have of persons with disabilities.

I decided to tackle the problem by building partnerships to increase disability awareness in Africa. I am building a network of other women married to people with disability who share in my experiences to become advocates for an inclusive policies and practices in all aspects of the society.

The network is also helping other women married to pwds share eperience on how they live a fulfilled live to guide younger women.

Through my organisation "Disability Awareness and Development Initiative (DADI)" I am supporting PWDs by building their capacity to engage policy makers and influencers, I am also promoting the teachig of sign language in primary and secondary schools to break communication barriers between the deaf and other members of the society.

My expertise include media relations, ICT/assitive technology skill, teaching, writing and entrepreueship skills.

My Vision

A world where all persons irrespective of their physical or intellectual status have equal access to resources.


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