Emmanuella Akinola
Posted April 4, 2016 from Nigeria

Obviously I am one of the women who keep seeking for what they do not have without appreciating what they have. Module 5 had kept me amazed, amused and thoughtful about the resources I have at my disposal but never counted as a resource. The mission for my vision is to strengthen the voices of women who are related to persons with disabilities as spouses, parents, sisters to speak up and raise awareness on disabilities towards the total inclusion of persons with disability in development. One major resource I have is my personal story as a spouse to visually impaired man. However the strength behind my story is my husband who has opened up the doors for me to understand how it feels to live with discrimination. He has always supported me to speak up when others caution their spouses. Through his good name in the community I have gained acceptance in the disability community in Nigeria given his political and technical relevance. He is number one resource I am mapping.

Another resource I cherish so much is my mom who is supporting me in minding the children when I am busy. This support is relieving me and giving the wings to fly and manage three jobs as a teacher, activist and entrepreneur.

Oh my computer! My little laptop and phone has given me access to the world. Using the internet I have been able to spread my vision and even connect with a great world of inspiring sisters at world pulse.

Renting an office in Lagos Nigeria could be expensive especially for a start-up like me. So I share my husband studio carved from one of the rooms in the flat. At least I have a place to call an office.

Locally, the growing support of my sisters who are affected by disability is a great resource. Globally, my dear world pulse community is such as asset. Also, my vision is getting the support of the media as an On-Air-Personality as decided to feature my organization (Disability Awareness and development Initiative) on her programme on rainbow 94.1 fm every Wednesday by 11pm – 12:15 to discuss disability issues.

Thinking about what I need. I need to build a vibrant social media group or page (face book) to engage my sisters with to help them speak up. I need meeting rooms to hold meeting with my sisters, I need to development IEC materials to engage with. Finally I need more money to fund activities like the coming event on International family day in May when we will hold a programme tagged “Strengthening Family Support for Disability Advocacy”.

How do I get what I need? I partner with other organizations that have the resource I need for an activities. For example in the February activities I partnered with Mental Health Foundation and leveraged on their conference hall to host the women.

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Rahmana Karuna
Apr 05, 2016
Apr 05, 2016

Wow Emmanuella, i can feel your enthusiasm jumping out of your words! In the USA, I've found churches to provide no to low fees for regular meeting spaces

Emmanuella Akinola
Apr 05, 2016
Apr 05, 2016

Thank Rahmana. I appreciate this clue I will work it out in Nigeria.
Apr 05, 2016
Apr 05, 2016

Hello Emmanuella,

I hope all individuals come to share the same motivation, drive and vision that you have to make the world a better place. It's evident you are making a positive impact in the community by sharing your voice and experiences. I hope to hear more about your work in the future.

With warm wishes,

Helen Ng

Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016

Dearest Emmanuella,

Your story is amazing and so inspiring. I hope you continue with your good work of being a role model,teacher and activist. Wish you all the best.

Warm Regards


Raquel Daniel
Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016

"Oh my computer! My little laptop and phone has given me access to the world. Using the internet I have been able to spread my vision and even connect with a great world of inspiring sisters at world pulse."

Same here dear!. My computer and internet access has opened several doors for me.


Thank you for sharing

Pushpa Achanta
Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

Dear Emmanuela,

Thanks for this succinct piece. It's vital for us to know our merits and how to use them. Hope you'll share about your progress regularly.