Enas Ahmed
Posted September 29, 2021 from Sudan

A child of defeat

I was meant not to speak

My body was a temple to whoever wished to peak


A child of revenge

I was meant not to blend

My body was a leisure that did not need consent


A child of hatred

I was meant to feel hated

My body was consumed without ever being weighted


A child of grief

I was meant not to grief

My body was discarded once it stopped to please

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Urvashi Shivdasani
Sep 29
Sep 29

There is sadness in your words Enas. Please tell us how we can help?

Beth Lacey
Sep 30
Sep 30

I am so sorry to read this. Sending prayers and hope that you can come through to the better side.

Oct 03
Oct 03

Hi Enas and welcome. Few words speak volumes. I am just so happy that you are able to raise your voice. Continue to do it through poetry...
I sense your sadness and I am sorry about all that you are dealing with...

Much love.

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 05
Oct 05

Dear Enas,
Welcome to World Pulse. Here we heal through telling our stories. You have been through such painful times. Keep writing, there is healing in sending your message out to us all.