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About Me

I am a Journalist/ Public Relations Consultant practicing since 1996.
My interest centers on various societal aspects like Human Rights, Gender equality and women empowerment, environmental issues, morals, health, development amongst others.
I won the 2007 Global Media Award of Excellence on Population Reporting in the category of Best Electronic Commentary, organized by the Population Institute in Washington DC.
I am into poetry too as a means to further express my views and opinions as a Communicator in a more relaxing,interesting and entertaining mode. I have many poems and looking forward to publish them.
I also have an HIV/AIDS weekly column with The Zimbabwean Newspaper.
Above all, I love expressing my opinions and views. I derive satisfaction when I am able to communicate, reach out to the public and effect changes.

Reading, Travelling, Movies, Cooking, Writing, playing indoor games like Scrabble, socialising and speaking for the voiceless and needy and trying to bring about change. As a female journalist, i am thriving to excel in a profession dominated my males Societal Issues

My Vision

Being able to make positive impacts in the lives of many through my communication skills is gratifying and have given me much pleasure but there are still lots of challenges I need openings to explore