Women's Rights is Human Rights IWD2012

Posted March 2, 2012 from Nigeria

I Pledge to my Heart that if the the right of every women is rightly given to her, everyman will know his right, Women, our great mothers are the first teachers in child's existence. No matter how much you forget your teacher's lessons, Hardly, will you forget the teachings of that women, who teaches how to kill a lion with a cool tame of licking Honey. She takes you through the tough and rough hedges calmly, so that you will not realize the dangers. I cross my heart that if mothers had known their fundamental human rights, she wouldn't have always given her children the sermon of patience, at the point they feel hell on earth. Imagine having a mother, who knows her rights and worked all her life as an activist, Surely, she will caress her child with the rights fundamentals and how to acquire them without violence. If really, the World conventions on Human Rights are to work out positively, Great minds, freedom fighters, peace workers and all concern. You must give every women the right she deserve to live, to associate, to learn, to serve, to be served, to rule, to be ruled, to lead, to be led, to do what is right for her, not for her to be forced into labour by anyone who feels like a Small God, not to be tortured like a prisoner, not to always waste in the local mud kitchen, not to always be trapped under someone's confine like a baby machine production without objection.

In my country Nigeria, not every man could stand to fight for his right, because you don't loose what you don't have. Majority of Nigerians do not even know their rights, so how do we fight for it in the dark. The International Women Rights Day is not even known by all, now even all the education young women in my dear country cares about things like this, On March 8 2012 I promise to work on a radio piece in the day's bulletin that would reflect the mind of young women about "Inequalities and Violence against Women", I believe if our mothers did not teach us because they don't know. WE CAN TEACH OUR CHILDREN AND GENERATION NEXT IF WE KNOW

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