Long Cry for peace and stability

Erena Bayessa
Posted November 22, 2021 from Ethiopia

This is not my first post regards to the war crisis in the country.  I would like to remind you my earlier posts about it as they hyperlink as follows.

https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/erena-bayessa/posts/100172 https://www.worldpulse.com/community/users/erena-bayessa/posts/101493

 Since 2005, I have been working along emerging women organization committed to transformation and women empowerment and HIV/AIDS sector at grassroots communities of Ethiopia.  In the face of COVID-19 pandemic, the current Northern Ethiopian Civil war has become critical challenge to the important work we do for the target women, elderly, children and peoples with disabilities at the grassroots and change and transformation about them we envision to see.  The crisis has continued spreading on larger scale across the entire country, things are going from bad to worse from day to day.

 It is “heartbreaking” to see women with   children, elderly and other vulnerable civilians continue be severely debilitated from the day to day in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people particularly, women, children, elderly and others fled their homes but remain in the region, most of them have been displaced several times.  We do not have the exact number of displaced people: women, children, elderly, pregnant or lactating women, people with disabilities, or patients displaced in in across the regions but one sure thing thousands of them. Conditions across most sites in the warzone of the regions are very bad, and is at breaking point for the displaced and people in host communities from lack of Shelter, hygiene services, clean water and especially food are all in short supply.

We know, more and more international assistance has arrived, and more and more needs are being reported every day, and the humanitarian response has been slow and huge gaps remain; it generally does not reach the displaced people in the entire regions.

Besides, the weaker economy has impacted the country. This what everyone in the country may feel, the day to day increase rate of inflation, devaluation of bir (local currency), the constraints in production of goods and services, the gaps in demand and supply. From our own experience, the current inflation levels and the elapsed time between proposal and fund receipt are leading to reduction in the value of the funds which is resulting in a reduction in the project coverage. Increasing demand and support seekers and shortage of supply, real time delays in being able to assist beneficiaries the needy

It has been reported that “Public goods and facilities in the warzones has been collapsed, “once well-functioning infrastructures such as health system, schools, and several other public goods in the respective war regions have been completely collapsed”.  Thousands of children have been abandoned, there are increasing reports of violence against civilians, including extra-judicial killings and sexual violence, witnessed local observers, the national and international humanitarian organizations. As the crisis is wide spreading, we are much worried about the consequences of this war particularly among civilians particularly women, children, elderly and people with disabilities and other under health factors.  

Thank you so much our international sisters at the world pulse for your solidarity and being voices for the war victims’ civilians and women in the warzones of the entire regions.   We deeply appreciate your sustained international solidarity to stand with the war victims’ civilians particularly women, children, elderly and people with disabilities and other under health factors during these of our difficult times.  we wish the war will be stopped soon and the country back to peace and stability.   

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Leonida Odongo
Nov 22
Nov 22

Dear Erena,

Keep strong .The conflict will one day come to an end and Ethiopia shall have peace .



Rahmana Karuna
Nov 23
Nov 23

hopefully, this too shall pass. hopefully soon.
this is being reported in usa media. photos of humanitarian aid trucks being stopped from getting to where they are needed.
thank you for writing from the ground and for assisting those in need.

Nov 24
Nov 24

Dearest sister. Thank you for your story. "Be strong and courageous". I am so sorry for these difficult times. I can't imagine what it must be like. We wish for peace and stability and new hope.

Much love to you.

Grace Iliya
Nov 24
Nov 24

Dear Erena,
Being someone from the northern part of Nigeria, i can really understand your plight. This type of situation can make one to be helpless, but there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. I just pray that this unrest stops soon and everything returns to normal. I urge you to keep being courageous.

Much Love

My dear sister its really a sympathetic situation. Please sis just pray and have hope while being courageous. God will take control.
Much love sis

Nov 28
Nov 28

Thank you for sharing and bringing the awareness of the situation. I am really upset to realize the situation of elderies, women, children, etc. in your country. Though there is more international assistance has arrived, it still needs more protection to the normal people especially women, children, elderly and people with disabilities and other under health factors.
Wish the war will stop soon and have peace in your country.
Almighty God bless you and everyone in your country especially omen, children, elderly and people with disabilities, etc.!