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Erena Bayessa
Posted November 24, 2015 from Ethiopia

I was born in 1980, in Dambi- Dollo, Oromia Region of Ethiopia, I attended my secondary school at Bethel Evangelical School (BESS) in Dambi – Dollo Town. I attended my under graduated study at Addis Ababa University – social science Faculty and Post graduate- Abroad. My parents were farmers with big family. My father died when I was in grade six leaving the burden caring for the family to my mother. For most part we were raised by our mother. I love my Mother so much. I hope most do that. When I was in grade seven I started to work as par timer wages to support my mother and education payment. I pushed my education forwards until completion of university degrees. After graduation, I was employed in non-profit organization for attractive salary and able to reach my mother, brothers and sisters. I have been able to improve the living situation of my mother and the household including the education of my brothers and sisters. My mother and my relatives were disappointed when I said no to leave school upon the death of my father, but today my mother is honored of my commendable achievement.

In line to my organization’s mission and vision I am committed towards ensuring sustained economic empowerment, digital literacy and empowerment and social inclusion of the destitute marginalized women groups and their families in the grass root communities of Ethiopia through participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation. The effort is majorly aimed at the re integration target women and their families into their communities as they have previously been excluded from such community development process among others due the impact of HIV/AIDS on their lives in terms of isolation, abandonment, stigma and discrimination. Prevention of Violence against women in the target communities among major thematic areas of intervention for my organization. Along my organization, I am devotedly working against prevention of Violence against women in the target communities with the ultimate goal of achieving the balanced power between women and men of our communities

Besides, we have digital literacy program for target women, we have established digital training center for women in Addis Ababa target community. The center primarily provides training in Basic computer skill training: Microsoft word, Microsoft excels Microsoft access and internet usage for three months by a qualified trainer. The center train approximately 100 to 150 women men and youths annually and provide employment opportunities as well. To avoid the low placement rates of the trained trainees; the center Link the Digital Literacy skill training program to per-identified employment opportunities through continues labor market assessments and identifying leading firms and internet cafes with growing demand for the skilled labor in the target communities . Today most of the graduated women from the center are employed. I want to continue my dedication to promote and expand the program to reach out more women and girls in future.

I envision balanced power between men and women of my society Ethiopia. My passion to become capable leader with comprehensive style that can engage women in all development processes equally with their male counters. I want see women of my community/society equally participated and benefit from the processes of social, economic, political, innovation and technology that is what I mean by achieved “Balanced power between women and men” of my society of Ethiopia.

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Raquel Daniel
Nov 24, 2015
Nov 24, 2015

Wow!!.. We have a few things in common. I also lost my father at a young age and for a few years, my mother did all she could to support us. I understand when you said you love your mother.

Thank you for such a great work even in the face of challenges.

Nancy Handabile
Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

It is so good to see stories from men working to advance the lives of women.

Digital literacy is needed in our communities thank you for doing what you do it is highly commendable.

Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Your passion and dedication to equality in Ethiopia resonates from your words. It's so empowering and helpful to read that men like you are recognizing their role in creating a society based on equality between men and women.

I wish you luck with your training. I know you will go far!


Bernadette Muyomi
Dec 01, 2015
Dec 01, 2015

Hallo Erena,

I am happy that as a man, you thought of technological empowerment for women in Ethiopia. Technology is so simple and good for women that it humbles me to see peple focusing it on women. I visited Ethiopia in 2008/09,not so sure about the year. I loved the rich conservative culture.

I salute your initiative

Mary Morgan
Dec 03, 2015
Dec 03, 2015

Reading the story of your life, I was struck with a sense of awe at how determined you have been. I'm sure there were difficult times tucked away in these stories, but you got through each accomplishment with perserverance and at the same time used your success to help the people you love! Then, you used that momentum to help your greater community!

I believe that when all people are balanced in their personal power (and equal) we can accomplish beautiful things, so I admire your professional work and your impact on our world.

I am very glad to "meet" you here at WorldPulse.

rhania bensafia
Dec 05, 2015
Dec 05, 2015

Hello Erena

I am very inspire by your story. Your journey is really amazing, I am very thankful to see that you are making a difference to empower womans with HIV/AIDS in your community by providing the tools and training they need to sustain themself.

I am also amaze by your determination to help womans to achieve and success.

I hope to read more about the achievement of your organization in the near future.