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Erena Bayessa
Posted December 6, 2015 from Ethiopia
Raising Awarness on GBV prevention
NLK Women raising awareness on GBV Prevention at grass root community of Addis Ababa
NLK CA women
NLK CA women : NLK women renewing their dedication as community activist for women empowerment in their communities (1/1)

I work as program manager with NLK- integrated women empowerment organization, in Ethiopia. The mission of my organization to contribute towards women social, economic and health rights of marginalized and vulnerable women groups, including destitute women living with HIV/AIDS.

Gender Based Violence (VAW) against Women is the most significant causes that contributes to aggravation poverty, marginalization, HIV/AIDS for many women in Ethiopia. Most of the communities lack awareness and the communities are silent about different forms of violence against women. The women experiences violence at home and in the communities they live. Often time, Physical, psychological, sexual and economical violence are the major types of violence that are faced by women of my communities.

My organization is dedicatedly working to ensure balanced power between women and men along several efforts being underway by government and other nonprofit organization. In particular, my organization is frontlines in increasing communities’’ support to prevent Violence against women and HIV. We focus on offering support to girls and women; men choosing nonviolence; offering support to other activists in the grass root communities of Ethiopia.

Our objective is to improve the target women’s social, economic and health situations; regardless of their gender and health status as an active development process of their communities in which they take initiatives and action that is stimulated by their own thinking and deliberation and which they can effectively influence.

Voices Against Gender-Based Violence

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Mairi-Jane Fox
Dec 09, 2015
Dec 09, 2015

Dear Erena,

What deeply important work you are doing to raise awareness and stop the silent about different forms of violence against women! 

It seems to me that supporting men in choosing nonviolence is a absolutely vital part of the solutions - it is heartening to read that your organization is working on this aspect (and other aspects) of the problem. 

In interesed to know more about how the organization offers support to girls and women and to men choosing nonviolence?

Be well,


Dec 10, 2015
Dec 10, 2015

Hi Erena! I, too, would love to know more about the programs. It's clear that this is very personal for you because you say that it's happening in "my communities" and I'm so grateful that you're doing this work! What changes have you seen? May your organization achieve the objective and much more!



Dec 10, 2015
Dec 10, 2015


Dear Sir ERENA BAYESSA, hello!

I appreciate your leadership; and I admire the way you approach [with women and men of Ethiopia, Your Country], the concept of GENDER and the fight against gender-based violence.

I especially think about the way you perceive the causes and consequences of gender-based violence. Thank you very much.

Quite frankly, they are few men who like and I militate against violence based on gender. Therefore, we are most often misunderstood by some men as well as certain women; men accusing us of persisting women and encourage them to insubordination vis-à-vis their husbands; and women assimilating us to brutal rapists and sex traffickers of human beings! This does nothing to continue our vocation of women's rights activists and Volunteers.

I remember a seminar-workshop on gender and gender-based violence held here in Uvira. During this workshop, it was asked to the men to describe the women from the point of view of men, and the women to describe the men from the point of view of women. I assure you that the answers were funny and very entertaining! They had inspired our metrology advocacy approach. I suggest you do the exercise in Ethiopia when you get a chance. One again I thank you for sharing your experience.




Cher Monsieur ERENA BAYESSA, bonjour !

J’apprécie beaucoup votre Leadership ; et je suis  admiratif de la manière dont vous abordez [avec les femmes et les hommes d’Ethiopie, votre Pays], la notion de GENRE et la lutte contre les violences basées sur le genre.

Je pense tout spécialement à la manière dont vous percevez les causes et les conséquences des violences basées sur le genre. Merci beaucoup.

Disons-le franchement, ils sont rares les hommes qui comme et moi militons contre les violences basées sur le Genre. De ce fait, nous sommes le plus souvent mal compris aussi bien de certains hommes que de certaines Femmes ; les hommes nous reprochant d’entêter les femmes et de les inciter à l’insoumission  vis-à-vis de leurs maris ; Et les femmes nous assimilant à des violeurs brutaux, et à des trafiquants de sexes et d’êtres humains ! Cela ne doit en rien entamer notre vocation d’Activistes Volontaires des droits des femmes.

Je me rappelle d’un sujet de travail en carrefour pendant un séminaire-atelier sur le Genre et les violences basées sur le genre tenu ici à Uvira.  Pendant cet atelier, il était demandé : aux hommes de décrire les Femmes selon le point de vue des hommes, et aux femmes de décrire les Hommes selon le point de vue des femmes. Je vous assure que les réponses étaient rigolotes et très amusantes ! Elles avaient inspiré notre métrologie approche d’action de sensibilisation. Je vous suggère de faire l’exercice chez-vous en Ethiopie quand vous en aurez l’occasion.

 Merci de nous avoir partagé votre expérience.

Courage !