Challenges of Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

Posted January 8, 2022 from Nigeria

I serve as a Gender Protection Officer with the Association Against Child Sexual and Gender Based Violence in an on going project with a member organization.

Everyday, I listen to reports on domestic Violence from either partners. But mostly the females and I try to resolve these issues to the best of my ability or I make referrals to healthcare providers etc.

Some cases, especially where physical violence occured, I try to counsel on temporary separation which could lead to permanent separation. 

As time go on, I will be sharing some of my Counseling sessions  here.

I also vulunteer at a Gender Based Violence Response Referral Network  where I work with other advocates to provide counseling, psychosocial support and care services to survivors of Rape, and other forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Survivors here in Delta State, Nigeria.

I will try to share some of my encounter and stories here from time to time.



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Jan 09
Jan 09

Thank you for sharing. The working you are doing is very meanful and can help a lot of women who are suffering from GBV. They may not know what to do under GBV. And, they may need a shelter to recover especially who are injured under physical violence. On the other, it is necessary to bring the awareness and stop the GBV.
Please keep the great work on and assist more female.
May Almighty God bless you and all women are suffering from GBV!

Jan 09
Jan 09

Thank you very much for sharing the wonderful work that you are doing with the women in your country.

What is going in is very sad to say the least! I am grateful for people like you who are doing everything possible to come to the rescue of the women affected.

More power to you my dear sister.

Beth Lacey
Jan 10
Jan 10

I am certain when you share your knowledge, you will be helping many in our Community.

Jefiter Mang
Jan 10
Jan 10

Great work you are doing.

Will love to hear your progress. Thank you for sharing.