After Graduation facing the future life with meaningful life within Peace and Harmony

Erna Surjadi
Posted July 26, 2015 from Indonesia
Workshop for Elderly group at Kinasih, West Java
Healthy and Active Aging with Meaningful Life

After graduation facing the future life with meaningful life within Peace and Harmony


Yesterday during holiday on Sunday, one man posted expression during elderly time starting 5 years after graduation in college:

Reunion of college friends (latest revision):

5 years after graduation, all married sat around one table, while the single sat for another table.

10 years after graduation, who had a child sat for one table, who had not any child in another table.

15 years after graduation, who had the same partner sat for one table, while who had new partners sat for another table

20 years after graduation, the drinkers sat for one table, and who had not for another table.

25 years after graduation, one table for whom saying inside the country, and for overseas graduates in another table.

30 years after graduation, it showed that all vegetarian sat for one table, and who were not for another table.

35 years after graduation, who were not retired, sat for one table, another table for pension persons.

40 years after graduation, who still had teeth sat for one table, and the toothless for another table.

45 years after graduation, who came by self for one table, which comes with walking aid or helper for another table

50 years after graduation, who said they wanted to come turned out coming only one table; while who did not come turned into one empty table

55 years after graduation, who could come in were placed in one table, and the photographs of people who could not come were put on another table

60 years after graduation, they cannot collect into one table any more

The human life is short, please forward to your school friend who had been with you through the beautiful nostalgic past school term, the more you are gathered, so you can enjoy life well!

The posting is echoing to the elderly to enjoy life while looking back into the beautiful past life moment at high school; while the future story up to 70-90 years old is likely facing 'punishment' of being old, weak, pitiful and no enjoyment. (Graduation usually for people around 17-20 years old).

Is this true..? Can we change it..?!

The above expression was coming from a man on his fifties. Within GH social media we share various topics and discussed them within open minded for peace and harmony. GH suggested for not looking back to the past, however to look into the future as agents of changes for distributing 'Love" to the poor and victimized persons as the representation of gratefulness for all the blessings received for so many years past? We never counted the time when the limit of life will be ended, because God has good purpose to everybody's life. It is so precious and we praises God for it; let's do the God's command to love others as you love yourself..! That's the meaningful life (Because it has good purpose) which brought up peaceful mind and joyful every time you woke up. We shall be growing step by step into perfect as God hath promised. (Johannes 17: 23)

In fact after 40 years of graduation I was invited to the alumni group for eating and drinking with games. Later on, the group was also met for another lunch or dinner time. The idea for performing social visits to ex high school teachers for one or other reasons could not be agreed and attention is given to all members only for birthday, grief and child's marriage. While another experiences was coming from another alumni group of college; after all I met them after 38 years. This group is also ended up to be so many chatting during the day starting from good morning, hello, prayer for good day, encouragement for fitness, gossip about several persons; and after all for one day I received about 150-300 messages...! They mostly don't like topics that encourage them to think, scientific challenges (although they all graduated from college); and nor to help others in poor and social work. They have decided to enjoy life after 'hard work' and long 'journey'; explicitly they don't like to talk about serious things in the group! I am not the coordinator for this group (30 persons); not the same as GH group (100 persons, comprise of 6 religions, about 65 % men); thus I just delete the conversation daily and once in a while posting greetings to the belated birthday or rarely posted good phrase. The best topics for them are food and travel (for themselves).

Oh lea lhaa... Elderly time seems turns out to be more 'talkative', segmented and 'eyes closed' to the environment...?! We should be grateful to God's blessings on entering the elderly time as professionals, and as the medium up economic society while others are still in the lower economic and struggling for living. In fact, some of them while having enough money don't have peace and harmony in living environment.

The GH man expressed in his poem that only within 10 years of marriage people (15 years after high school graduation); they could get divorce and needed to find another partner for living. They are likely built a house in the sand; easily ruined and or vanished by the storm and wind. What's been forgotten is the 'meaningful life'; which need to be planted since the beginning of family life.

The good leader shares his ultimate goals and purposes since the beginning of team work. The prepared couple should share their common goals and purposes since dating period and early time of marriage. Building respect to other human being is part of delivering love as God's command, particularly to own spouse and family members. The true living is life with gratefulness, says the God's command. The temptation is never goes beyond your strength; that's God's promise!

In the other group of elderly; many persons in the age above 80 years old and 4 persons (3 women, 1 man) almost 95 years old. They have activities of music in church, group handy craft, drama, health discussion for elderly and so on. The group is trying to build every member's knowledge, understanding of meaningful life and spirit to keep active, healthy and grateful to the Lord!

They meet formally once in a month in church auditorium, every Wednesday for about two hours for praying, discussing the bible, singing, testimony and games. The programme is also connected to the House of Elderly in the area of side city. While in the middle of the month the meeting was conducted in one of members' house with certain topic of discussion, work shop, etc. Visiting to sick members are offered to the healthier and younger members (60-70 years old). Last May 2015, the Elderly group from Kedoya Church had activities at Kinasih, West Java; they learned about Oshibanna, collecting dry leaves and processing it for book marks and household accessories. It creates joyful and being productive. Other earlier group has received order for dinner plate, Christmas ornament etc.

There are so many ways of performing life; it's our own freedom of choice! However to get peaceful life and harmonious living need to be learned and practiced. You may not have difficulties in sleeping any more; due to the life is occupied already from time to time with meaningful life on helping others while keeping yourself healthy, active, joyful and peaceful mind.

I have my pension money, although not much it's enough for living with my hubby who is still working as lecturer in campus and received regular salary. I spend some amount of my money to support social activities for the poor, elderly, orphans and victimized women to bring forward the peace and harmony against poverty and domestic violence. It is an enjoyment and peaceful life when you know you're going to do something good for others as God ever commanded. This year we plan to conduct GH training for facilitators in English with housing for 5 days (limited seats only). Save the date: 25-29 November 2015 (Wed to Sunday)!

I choose my way of life, within elderly time in the 60's to find financial support for Gender Harmony and Gender Empowerment programmes. GH has programmes on building peace and harmony for couples, elderly and family. GH provides training, seminar, conference, talk shows; published books etc. What about you..?!

Have a blessed day!

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