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Ese Ajuyah
Posted July 31, 2016 from Nigeria
Nothing is as powerful as being able to inspire change in others by speaking out.....
Nothing is as powerful as being able to inspire change in others by speaking out..... (1/2)

The Digital training 101 has been very enlightening for me. Having to learn about available resources and how to take advantage of them as a crux is an interesting way to conclude this training. Through the training I have been able to identify the connection between myself and relationships I am blessed to have in my life; the resources I have access to that sustains and defines my work and the meaning I give to them.

This training have opened me up to the reality of having very vast resources available to create the kind of change that I want to see in my community. I have always envisioned a world where I can inspire change in other women through collective voice and experience sharing which culminates in strong built networks of women. Being able to identify the resources I have available encourages me to work my dream into reality whilst taking advantage of what I have around me.

One of my strongest assets has always been my ability to speak confidently be it privately or in public. This always gladdens me, because through this ability I have been able to inspire change in my own space. It has aided me in my leadership journey as well by leading me into several opportunities that have opened up bigger platforms for me. It has also afforded me the opportunity to connect with other women leaders who are doing amazing things in their own spaces as well.

I have experienced the value and beauty of inter-connectivity through shared platforms via my public engagement skills. I see this as one of my most valued possessions.

Through most of my journey, I have always had guides leading me in the pathway of making a change. I have had and still have strong mentors who are guides who haven walked the parts I have chosen to follow have wealth of experience and meaningful assistance they render. I find it easy to always seek their counsel and guide every time I need encouragement and support.

I find that every time I have shared stories on the social media networks I use to speak my mentors have always been some of my greatest cheer leaders. They are quick to do a re-post and comment on the ideas I shared. This has been very meaningful for me because I am encouraged to do more.

Since I joined the World Pulse community I see that my public engagement skill is being improved upon affording me more opportunity to add value to the communities that I am a part of.

My faith has been and will always remain my strongest point of renewal. It affords me the place to get direction, strength and encouragement every time I am in need.

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Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016

Dear Ese, 

I feel deeply within every one of us, we all desire to be a change maker and influence others for good which is what you are doing and coupled with the digital training and knowledge gained on this platform the sky is your limit.

I wish you all the best in your journey to being a person of influence.

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Aug 01, 2016
Aug 01, 2016

dear Ese

I am particular;y glad to have been part of your training because like you are pointing out we have a lot of assets but fail to realise their value to us. I fervently wish as you have said we are going to explore them to the max to get the change we desire. Thanks for reminding me the power of commenting and re-posting on social media. I will never joke with such a powerful tool.

Keep the faith sis!!!!

Kaity Van Riper
Aug 01, 2016
Aug 01, 2016

Thanks for sharing this. I relate to faith being a big part of our assets. Mine is too as I feel that it directs and guides me on how and what I should do. I think it is a great source of strength.

Good for you and your public speaking ability. I am slowly trying to develop mine as I am quiet and sometimes shy in a group. I always admire those who have this gift.

Aug 02, 2016
Aug 02, 2016


As a read your story,i feel connected with you and your desire to make a change.As I travel the journey of life one thing have learned as we impact other people and change their story they also get inspired to do the same to others too.That means together we can change the world.

Aug 05, 2016
Aug 05, 2016

Hi Ese,

As I read your Assets Map, I see first, that you appreciate the training and resources that you have found at World Pulse.  I think you feel you have gained valuable help, which I am sure you will use well.  I also see that you seem to know yourself well, your strength of speaking confidently.  You are aware of what you do best and that, with resources and the community you've found here, will make you a change maker.

Best of luck in all you do in the future.  I expect to hear much more from you!


Louise Paré
Aug 10, 2016
Aug 10, 2016

Hi, Ese.  

I love the power and self-awareness you express in your writing and your appreciation for the training you have received from World Pulse.  This digital platform is as powerful as the women who use it for making the changes in our world that they envision.  The power of shared stories is a power for change-making and I am delighted that you have shared yours with all of us.  

I look forward to all that you are going to bring forth within your community and am eager to read more from you.  Let your faith strengthen you and give you joy in your new ventures.