Radical self care. Are you still troubled about your self care; creating health, well being, mind, body and spirit!!!!!

Posted January 26, 2021 from Uganda
The scoup of radical self care

Many times, we want to do great things for other people that would change their lives positively by planning to undertake certain actions. That's not bad, it's a very great idea that has endless rewards. It's the same thing that am looking forward to achieving in the near future God willing.

However, before you embark on filling one's cup, always fill your cup first then give to others from the overflow. That's what gives you the capacity to heal and to move forward into your next chapter of life.

What do I mean??

Before attempting to take care of others, be assertive to have the responsibility to take care of yourself first. I am now talking this as a health care professional though not yet fully approved yet but am sure, very soon God willing.

Self care is essential for managing stress, preventing burnout and mitigating compassion fatigue. It's also important for a sense of over all integrity as it ensures we are walking our talk.

Ensure that the four quadrants in your life are well fed in order to embark on a journey of achieving certain goals and not only achieving goals but also in your current profession or career or even parenting actions and plans.

  1.physical.(the body), Physical self care involves ensuring an overall healthy lifestyle.

2. Emotional (heart); to love, care and be in relationship with yourself and others. It can include setting clear boundaries on your time and energy etc. Give and receive love, kindness and support.

3. Psychological ( the mind); to learn, think and grow.

4. Spiritual (the spirit); to connect with essence, purpose and meaningful spiritual care.

   I love you my Wp sisters

Eseza always!!!


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Hello, dear Eseza,

One of my themes this 2021 is self-care. That means creating strong boundaries or else I spread myself too thin, and it's not good. I love your drawing about radical self-care. It looks like a World Pulse logo to me.haha.

Thank you for this lovely reminder for all of us, dear. This resonates with me, " before you embark on filling one's cup, always fill your cup first then give to others from the overflow. " That's wisdom right there. :)

Jan 27
Jan 27

Hello my dear sis,
Thank you for appreciating my story en commenting.
Self care is great thing in all aspects of life.

Shirin Dalaki
Jan 27
Jan 27

Dear Eseza,
I love what you wrote and thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

Nini Mappo
Jan 27
Jan 27

Hello Eseza,
I like that from the four quadrants of life that you table out, self-care is not about doing or not doing stuff, it's about being. I think we forget that a lot and think that doing something nice will help us feel better. While that is true, investing into who we are or ought to be is a far more sustainable approach to self care. Thank you for the reminder. Stay sparkly :)

Beth Lacey
Jan 28
Jan 28

This is so important to focus on- especially now.

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 30
Jan 30

Dear Eseza,
These are wise words, and great suggestions. Four simple parts, like taking in the four elements. I love the 'full cup, offer the overflow' image. As women we are taught deeply to give with no though to ourselves. Much more to give, from overflow! And is that a drawing you made? Not only full of suggestions, a piece of art.