Our lives matter too

Eshe williams
Posted October 11, 2020 from Antigua and Barbuda

Hi greetings to all my name is eshe williams. I moved out of the uk in 2017 to the Caribbean island of antigua with 3 children to overcome my battle with depression.while living on island i have been unemployed the whole time i have been here doing odd cash in hand jobs. During this pandemic things got real rough for me and my children and my family couldn't support me like before so that ment going without food and water. To cut a long story short i went out asking for assistance of food for us to eat. I had a few people reach oùt to me with assistance and now i have the opportunity to give back to others living in similar situations. I have a monthly food distributions which happens through donations and also a clothing drive every other Thursday for people who are in need.I have been turning my negative situation into a positive anybody who would like to network with me you can contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/882484482236279/ or WhatsApp 0012687178300

Our lives matter too Alone we can do so little,Together we can do so much

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Nini Mappo
Oct 12
Oct 12

Hello Eshe,
Welcome to World Pulse, and congratulations on your first post. Wow, I salute your courage and determination to do whatever it takes to heal and regain the sparkle in your life, even if it meant leaving the life you knew and starting afresh in a place you didn't know that well. Good on you for your perseverance in the challenges brought on by Covid, your vulnerability, and your compassion to help others whose dire situation you have lived through yourself. May all those benefiting from your kindness catch your vision to share whatever gifts or skills they have with each other to build a stronger community. All the very best :)

Oct 13
Oct 13

Hi Eshe,

A warm welcome to World Pulse and congratulations on sharing your first post. This is where you belong and the place to be indeed.

Wow! Sorry about the hard times that you had to undergo with your family, but it is so cheery that you have turned the situation around, helping others in need too. Your story is really uplifting. This pandemic year has been a huge challenge for everyone. Thank you for all you do to provide succour to the needy.

Keep writing and shining as we connect further. :)

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Oct 15
Oct 15

Welcome to World Pulse Eshe :) Your story is your power.

Thank you for having a courage to share your story. Turning your negative situation into a positive helps us to be strong and face challenges bravely. You are brave Eshe. You matter! Your story matters. Tell us more of what you do and how you've been coping now.

Beth Lacey
Oct 16
Oct 16

Welcome to World Pulse. It is great to read that you were able to overcome your challenges and are now helping others