Help me to rescue more little girls from being sold at the brothels

Esrat Eve
Posted May 25, 2015 from Bangladesh
During Class
During Class (1/2)

Hey my dear angel folks! I believe you are doing great. I am glad to let you all know that my non-profit AMAL is growing fast and impacting the lives of hundreds of children in Bangladesh. We are working in the root levels with our 50+ volunteers and solving social issues as well as social stigma through direct advocacy and awareness campaign. In the past three months besides running our program we rescued two ten years old girl from getting sold as a sex worker and helped ayoung mother (12 years old) to save her child from being used for begging purpose! Right now, we are providing education, free health check-ups, vocational training and nutritious food to our 65 children in 2 schools. However, we want to double the children(previous 250, target 250) by the end of 2016 and rescue them from the darkness. For this, I need your humble support. This is the crowd fund raising campaign of AMAL---

You can support me by- 1. Spreading the news to your community, school and famly. 2. Asking your parents to donate us $50+, we will pick one person for doing volunteer work and staying in Bangladesh with the kids for two days ( it could be celebrating your special day like- birthday with the kids) 3.Connecting us with local supportive organizations. 4. Donating any amount it could be $5, $10! And be a part of the radical social change!

*** Feel free to reach me 24/7 for any queries at [email protected] !

Thank you so much everyone! I believe I will get 100% support of my World Pulse folks! I am sending love and blessings to you all from Bangladesh.

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