Cutting off toddler's arms: New investing trend in the poorest slums

Esrat Eve
Posted November 22, 2015 from Bangladesh
Children with no arms are being used for begging

It's a very disturbing title, right? Unfortunately, this is the reality beyond humanity.Few weeks ago, I was working on a project on providing free prosthetic hands to the underprivileged children who lost their hands in terrible accidents. While working on this project, I met; Tara.Tara is an 11-year-old girl who begs in one of the busiest traffic signals of Dhaka. She lost her hand ( up to wrist) in a terrible accident when she was only 7-year-old. But her mother gave the doctor an extra money to cut her hand up to the elbow!!!Why!!! What is the reason-----

When I secretly interviewed her mother I found the dirty truth behind this. The reason which driven her to cut off half of her own daughter’s hand. Here is a part of my conversation with Tara’s mother-

Me : Tara told me that you took her to a hospital after her accident to cut her good physical shape hand? Why???

Tara’s Mother: You see, we are beggars!!!

Me : So?!!!

Tara’s Mother: People give more money when they see a small girl with no hands.

Me: To get more begging money you cut her hand ????

Tara’s Mother: Yes!!!

Now-a-days, in the poorest communities at the slums they are randomly doing this inhuman crime.WHY?! Because, they took it as a good lifetime investment through which they can make more living!!! Irony but true.There is no law enforcement regarding this in the South Asia and this had made this inhuman act more random and fearless!

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Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

This is truly disturbing. Obviously, something needs to be done so this never happens. Of course, even with legislation it is often not enforced. It is hard for me to imagine someone desperate enough to cut off their child's hands but I know that there are people who will do it to feed their families. They are the victims of a society that does not support its members. Please keep working towards a solution. 

Esrat Eve
Dec 13, 2015
Dec 13, 2015

I am so sorry, Amy to write about something so disturbing. I am working hard on this fact. Keep me in your thoughts!!!


Dec 14, 2015
Dec 14, 2015

Hi Esrat, I'm so glad that you are bringing attention to this issue.  While it is indeed very disturbing, it's something that requires us to care enough to do something about it.  LIke Amy said, it's really the failure of society to provide enough of a safety net to its members that drives parents and others to take these kinds of actions.  I know that it's also a common practice in India where thugs intentionally deform young children so that they become more pitiable as "beggars," and then the thugs make money off of these children.  It is a very sad reality, but one that we shouldn't allow ourselves to accept.  No one should be exploited in this fashion for anyone else's benefit.  Best of luck on your efforts to address this issue.  I will also continue to raise awareness about it. Sujata