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Want to launch self defense training for girls- Need individuals or organizations for partnering up!

Esrat Eve
Posted April 27, 2015 from Bangladesh
Expired on June 26, 2015
sexual assault

Sexual assault has become a very common phenomena for women of Bangladesh. Due to the social stigma and lack of law enforcement women are experiencing horrible situations even as a victim of sexual assault.Recently, a very shameful incident happened in Bangladesh - women were got undressed and sexually assaulted publically. Moreover, the criminals had been released from the jail. You can find more details here-

Dear friend,

Take my warm hugs. I want to give self-defense training to the women of my city. Unfortunately, we do not have any options of self-defense coaching in Bangladesh for particularly girls. Therefore anyone who wants to help me ( directly- by partnering with my non-profit or indirectly- by connecting with the proper source ) is highly appreciated.I wish you all a happy and safe life.

Pouring limitless love,


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