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About Me

I am a bilingual (Spanish) school psychologist. Given my training, I am adept at helping advocate/ensure that minors with educational needs are receiving appropriate support from their school districts. Additionally, I have been involved with and wish to expand my support of initiatives addressing mental health and homelessness - particularly programs that are designed to address these issues in the United States

I have also worked in assisting immigrants to navigate the US immigration system through helping them complete immigration paper work and through helping prepare documentation for immigrants seeking political asylum and then serving as their translator during their interview with INS (as it was once called).

Part of my personal story includes harnessing the power of the internet as an online marketplace in order to help to financially support my family....

My computer skills are strong. I have experience as an online entrepreneur which has helped me develop skills in website building and graphic design. My (very small!) businesses focused on celebrating international adoption and embracing multicultural families. My entrepreneurial journey began due to my desire to fill a unique void that I discovered as a new parent.....I wanted my daughter to have personal items bearing her Chinese name and I wanted her siblings and cousins to become more familiar with the Chinese language. I began by producing baby products embroidered with Chinese characters and then expanded to embroidering Chinese character items for family members. In response to requests for an increased variety of products, I began working with another online retailer that could provide screen-printed products using Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and English language multicultural family focused designs that I had created.

My online business ventures helped to lessen the financial strain of raising a family on one income. Once my children were of school age, however, I returned to my career as a school psychologist and have since then been unable to continue to focus on these ventures.

Nonetheless, I thought I would share my experience as a small business owner because, as the saying goes "If I could do can you!" I truly believe in the power of self-determination.

My Vision

As I mentioned in the “about me” section of my profile, part of my personal story includes harnessing the power of the internet as an online marketplace in order to help to financially support my family. Looking back on my experience...almost 13 years later, I am amazed by how much more advanced technology is now and how the portability and ease of use offered by ios and android tablets have exponentially increased access to the web for individuals and communities worldwide.

In my vision for the future... more women, men, mothers, fathers and teens will take advantage of this increased access in order to become familiar with what the internet has to offer (the good, the bad and the ugly) so that they may more confidently use the internet as a tool to improve their lives. At the most basic level, I would like clients to more confidently look to the internet as a tool to educate themselves about medical conditions, learning difficulties and mental health issues, and to broaden their understanding of the options that are available to them in times of need, including community based assistance and online peer support groups.


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