Partnering with women across the globe for positive change

Posted January 4, 2021 from United States
Women's session in preparation for an outreach

Great changes happen for the better when women lead.The famous saying ;"The hand that rocks the cradle ,rocks the world"is still very true in this day and age. I had the opportunity to work in 2020 with some amazing leaders and women's groups in Cameroon and the United States.I was privileged to partner with a women's leader,Julie Awoe and her group, Arepoco Women's Group in various activities such as fundraisers and women's training and educational seminar designed to empower local women,young girls and orphans as well. One the activities was a fundraiser we launched for needy orphans.We successfully partnered together in raising funds through using GoFundMe and other fundraising platforms to provide much needed  basics such as toiletries,school supplies and food items for orphans in the city of  Kribi,Cameroon. Later in the year,I also partnered with Reaching the Needy Ministries in Dallas,Texas (United States) an outreach organisation which caters to homeless persons around US cities and fights for human rights. I also did a number of videos to promote the fundraisers on YouTube.Overall,the fundraisers and outreaches were successful and I look forward to doing even more this year and joining forces with even more leaders  in order  to make a bigger impact across communities in Cameroon, Africa,the United States and all around the globe.

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Jan 05
Jan 05

how are you sister victory
Bravo for your care for other,
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the practical love that Jesus Christ teaches us in the holy word.
be blessed

Hello, Ethel,

Kudos to you on your fundraising activities. You simply make things happen! What is your YouTube channel, dear? I just started mine. I would like to subscribe.
Thanks for sharing this photo with us. What activity was this?
Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Ethel,
Girl you rock more than the cradle. You are rocking the world! Using every resource you can get your hands on. I'm out of breath just reading this. I'm impressed, amazed, inspired and encouraged. Wonderful work, and an uplifting story. Bravo sister!