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About Me

" Once you label me you, negate me.”Soren Kierkegaard

My Vision

I am human who refuse find a reason to kill people even if the reason is for obeying their own God of religions. I refuse to be dominated by those religions, but that does not mean that I have the right to force the believers to disbelieve or abandon their religions and beliefs. I am looking for a life where everyone is been respected whoever who he\ she is, acceptable and safe. All people are free to choose the life they want to live and be themselves. I am human who refuse find a reason to kill people just because they are different from what I am or because they disagree with me just like what religions do, and that’s why I keep criticize religions and calling for a secularism as lifestyle. Religions proved over centuries their failure to united people or being a peace lifestyle as claimed. I believe that the world can be change to be better.


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