I Nominate Jill

Evelyn Chioma Joseph
Posted December 17, 2019 from Nigeria

I rejoice to nominate my encourager and one person who made me to know about world pulse. Her name is Jill Langhus. Jill Langhus is such a wonderful person who carries in abundance the World Pulse Spirit. She deserves every bit of this award because she is so committed to lifting every woman up by her world of encouragement and support. Thank you for being to this great sisterhood. 

This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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Dec 18, 2019
Dec 18, 2019

Hi again,
We all have no dough about how incredibly this two sisters are; Jill and Karen. However, we all are told they are ex officio since they are judges for the award program :-(

Thanks for the nomination but it looks like you have to replace them ha
Hope you are having a good day and hugs

Jill Langhus
Dec 18, 2019
Dec 18, 2019

Hello Lovely Evelyn,

Aw, you're so sweet:-) How are you doing, love? You're wonderful, too, dear. Thank you very kindly for your amazingly, kind words and nomination! You're very welcome!


Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Dec 18, 2019
Dec 18, 2019

Hello, dear Evelyn,

How are you doing? So nice of you to think of Jill. She truly deserves the nomination. She was the first one in my mind, too; however, she is one of the judges for this awards.

Please nominate more sisters according to these categories:

- Ambassadors

Thanks again, dear. Have a great day!

Dec 19, 2019
Dec 19, 2019

Thank you for nominating Jill as an Encourager. She is indeed has a World Pulse Spirit.