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Everlyne Aoko
Posted November 23, 2015
Expired on January 22, 2016
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I am a mother aged 36.I dropped out of high school due to early pregnancy.I was born in a humble family and we are eight children and i am the second born.I also gor married in a very humble family.

After seven years in marriage and with four children,a Non GovernmentalOrganization came to our village with the aim of poverty reduction and they decided to work with a chama that we had formed as young women.When asked what we wanted to do to change our lives,i did not think for the second time...I had been longing to have my education and that is what i proposed.I knew education is so powerful in changing peoples lives.

Convincing the members that going back to school was the best option was not easy, considerng a fact that most of us were married with children and husbands to take care of.Some of us were widows.The most difficult part was convincing the husbands and the community of this decission.I was in particular seen as a rebel to society norms.But you know what?I wanted education and i did not care what others thought or said about me.

In the year 2006,I joined a high school in form three ,others had to start as low as class five.After learning for two years ,i sat for the national exams and passed well.I got admited in a public university through government sponsorship.

My greatest passion is seeing a society where there is no girl child dropping out due to poverty,early pregnancy or gender discrimination.I hate seeing women experience home based violence with nobody to listen to their views on wife inheritance,HIV/AIDS or even birth control issues!I hate seeing women being treated like slaves!

My biggest challenge is that since i graduated in the year 2013,i have not had stable employment to feed and educate my children!I also have nearly eight orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and cholera outbreak.Although this children are not from my family,i have a feeling to provide for them and watch them grow to responsible citizens.I need to prove to the society that the decission i made some seven years ago was the best..The girls who saw me as their role model need to see that my vision is valid..My chlidren especially the last born who i left at nine months of age need to see the fruit of my struggle.The whole world should see that education is indeed the best tool in fighting poverty.

With an employment and steady income,i shall be able to educate my children,provide for the orphans,further my studies and take care of my ageing and ailing mother.I will feel comfortable serving the society and experiencing great positive changes on lives!

Although i did not study social science at the university,I am a HIV/AID counselor and i have the ability to provide teenagers with life skills and help them make informed decissions in life.I want to see the young grow into responsible citizens.I want to live and see a society where views of women are respected and valued.

I have alot of confidence sharing and seeking for help on this platform becauce i know the power of determined women.Thanks for your time and consideration.



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