EVIA Woman
Posted May 8, 2014 from Nigeria
Bringthemback (1/1)

My dear friends,

Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction Failure is closer to success than our inaction will be in the end Don't ask what you can do, Whatever you find to do, do

Please come out and speak up - Join the 10000+ March, in Lagos this Saturday Call your church leaders, its not all about conferences and vigils, we need to stand and condemn what is wrong Call your local government chairpersons, write, speak, publicise it, put your name on it Call the influential people you know We sound better when scream together that enough is enough!

We've only got here because we've been selfish, We didn't care, it was 'them' and 'we' were here, comfortable and 'blessed' Can you be blessed when your land is spilling with the blood of helpless children? If you close your eyes, and be quiet for a minute, stop the argument, You will hear their screams and you will feel the pain of their parents

We need to bring our children back Its not 'them' it’s 'us', all of us We need to demand the protection of our vulnerable communities We need our elected leaders to be accountable to their constituents Security is not a privilege it is our due, North, South, East and West, Muslim and Christian, Gay and Straight, Man, Woman and Child! Every Nigerian should be able to learn, work, eat, sleep and live securely

The fact that we stop our ears and close our eyes doesn't mean the evil is not happening We have been quiet enough, Its been delayed, but its not too late to speak out Anger at the situation is your civic responsibility March with us this Saturday but don't stop there – continue to speak out

May we no longer sleep easy, until we have risen up to challenge of taking responsibility for the rights and freedom of every last Nigerian Do not get distracted debating the politics, Making fun of the first lady,is a distraction from our issues! and is soooo besides the point!

Focus on the issues, our daughters are being raped, beaten and killed whilst we sit here debating APC and PDP! Let your anger not be appeased by jokes, and incompetent statements, Demand action You may ask what marching will change? I can't say for sure, but I’ll rather fail speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves [Proverbs 31:8]


BRINGBACKOURGIRLS (press release below)

For more information on the March and to show your support, email the organisers at bringbackourgirls234@gmail.com


CALLING ALL Concerned Citizens to come together and play their part in demanding that the abducted girls from Chibok Local Government College be rescued from their captors. This is slated to hold on Saturday 10th May 2014 at 8am. The agenda are as follows; 8am – Protesters converge at the Falomo Roundabout Ikoyi Lagos 8:45am – Protesters march from falomo to Freedom Park Lagos Island. We earnestly urge all patriotic and concerned Nigerians to join us as we demand the safe return of abducted girls. To signify our unity of purpose and common grief and anger, the silence was prolonged but it is not too late, will you sit back and let nonchalance decide the fate of your daughters? Our children deserve to be protected whether they live in Abuja or Chibok, it is one Nigeria and it is not about rescuing children based on their religion. Stand up and speak up, don’t be silent – let us stand with the parents of the 276 + 8 girls who are now missing.Come with us, the prayers are in our hearts but the action is ours to take. The Captors ridicule us, they mock us when they brag about selling our daughters into slavery! Don’t be silent, its our collective business, our collective pain. Its not about politics but our children. Mothers please join us. We want our daughters back. All protesters are requested to wear red in solidarity with all the prior protests. It is not about our egos, but for the love of our children, we must rise up and demand them back. The support of and attention to this cause from Nigerians in the diaspora and people from all over the world has been inspiring, and only strengthens our resolve to continue the work until all our daughters and sisters are safely returned home and our communities can live, learn and sleep in safety.

To the families of the missing girls, our brothers and sisters please know that we are standing with you.

To show your support, please repost this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all social media.

For more information: bringbackourgirls234@gmail.com


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Catherine Saunders
May 09, 2014
May 09, 2014

This is such a great article. It highlights the main issues with why we are reluctant to helping and taking action; our "us" and "them" attitude. We somehow feel that because it is not happening to us or doesn't affect our lives directly, that it is ok to let it continue. We need to take action and do what we can to support the cause no matter who we are, where we are and how much it affects our lives. The only way authorities will listen and take action is if they are pressured.

It is heart-breaking what is happening in Nigeria, and I cannot even begin to imagine how the family's and friends of those girls must feel. I hope your event goes well and encourages those around to step up and join!



EVIA Woman
May 09, 2014
May 09, 2014

Thank you Catherine, for us I think its important that we are resounding the same message, that we must as a nation stamp out the potential and reality for such brutal acts, whether its in your state or not.