Understand STRESS and Regain Freedom

Posted April 10, 2021 from Poland

Despite how much you have read about stress and tried copying the anti-stress mechanisms, you are still stressed. Nothing works! WHY? OH…why?

First of all, how do you know that you are stressed? What symptoms do you have? Do you experience, e.g. insomnia, short temper, morning sickness (it is not exclusive for pregnancy),  lost or gain weight, body aching….. you name it. The list seems endless.

What do you do? Worst case scenario: you ask “Doctor Google”. With the list of symptoms, there will be no clear answer. Your stress increases, panic attack paralyses your mind and body. After few days comes  self-diagnosis: “I am certain, my case is hopeless”. You might stop here and wait for the worst to come, even if you don’t know what it is like.

Or, you might follow the other scenario: you call your GP. After a really long wait, you get connected to the receptionist and get an appointment in two weeks’ time (if only!!). Only a phone consultation is available. “Phew! There is hope to have treatment soon”- you think. Two weeks later, you are receiving “magical tablets”. From now on everything will be good, problem sorted, what a relief!  – you think. Is it? If not, why not?

To begin with, “magical tablets” need at least two weeks (individual adjustments) to be able to “produce” chemical balance in your body and mind, to bring artificially induced “peace”. Next, a very important thing, those “ magical tablets” cannot be mixed with alcohol! BIG NO, NO!!!

Those are additional two weeks since (if) you have noticed some symptoms, five weeks in total.

Has anything changed?

Option one: nothing changed, the “magical” treatment is not working at all.

Option two: maybe you sleep better, maybe the rash and the itchiness disappeared from your aching body parts. Fair enough!

Option three: you feel “cured”, so what is the point to continue the treatment?

In all three scenarios, you would stop the treatment. The roller-coaster effect starts now! All symptoms returned, even worsen, you are back to square one. The differences are you didn’t move a quarter of an inch towards your own stress-free zone. Additionally, you have waisted five-six weeks of your precious time, health, life, which is approximately 50% of the time you need to break any habit.[1]

Sounds familiar? Why? Oh…why, again? Here is why……”magical tablets” are treating symptoms, but not causes! You are still in the same job that causes stress. Still in the same relationship that causes stress. You are still the same person that wasn’t happy in the first place. You get to repeat the same routine you were following five-six weeks ago. You are blind to other options and taking the same approach but expecting different results.

Do you want to see a different scenario that will get you out of this “vicious circle”, make you happy, and regain your freedom? You can walk stress free, again. You can fall in love with yourself, because as one said: “ Love is the most powerful, motivational mind set, stronger than any other emotion”[2]

Just one bold step and you will make yourself different, stressless person! Call me!

Author: Ewa Babicka




[1] How Long Does It Take to Break a Habit? Plus, Tips and Tricks to Help (healthline.com)

[2] Kevin Hogan “ The Psychology of Persuasion” - Kevin Hogan - The Psychology of Persuasion - Free Download PDF (kupdf.net)

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Jill Langhus
Apr 12
Apr 12

Hi Ewa,

Thanks for sharing your article, and offer. You will want to post your offer on the World Pulse "Resources" page. Thanks.

Apr 17
Apr 17

Hi Jill
Thank you and thank you for the advice, I didn't know that. Best wishes. Ewa

Jill Langhus
Apr 17
Apr 17

Hello there,

You're welcome. I hope it helps:-) Thanks, and hope you have a great weekend.

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