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Professional Burnout recovered with LC

Posted April 17, 2021 from Poland
Expires on April 30, 2022
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Professional/organisational burnout is a complex topic including personal, professional and social areas of our existence and affects an individual on various levels. The depth of an impact depends on personal stress resilience, self-confidence and self-reflection ability to recognise symptoms followed by willingness and acceptance of the support from social network, e.g. friends, family, professionals or life coach.
According to Mustafa et al. workload, demands and challenges impose on employees may cause physical symptoms, e.g. prolonged fatigue, dizziness, jaw pain, chronic pain. Psychological issues related to occupational stress shown in, e.g. lack of concentration, poor performance, lack of productivity, irritation, anxiety and depression.. Unfortunately, the list is not exhausted.
In one sentence: burnout is a reaction to prolonged or chronic job stress and is characterized by three main dimensions: exhaustion, cynicism (less identification with the job), and feelings of reduced professional ability.
To identified signs of professional burnout you need to take closer look at main causes, such as unreasonable time pressure, lack of communication, lack of clarity of job description, amount of work, improper treatment.
From the perspective of the psychological science professional and/or organisational burnout is relatively new phenomenon. It is only a decade of empirical studies and building theories, frameworks and methodological approaches to investigate of the prolongation of occupational stress.
Various studies examined burnout based on social comparison , by applying general stress theory or motivation to develop the concept of professional self-efficacy and components of other theoretical approaches . The sample of professional burnout investigation was mainly composed from individuals with service profession as occupational background, although latest studies shown that it is not limited to those professions only and also affects those in co-operative working settings .
Despite lack of unified definition of professional burnout and/or occupational stress, empirical researches pointing towards effective tools and interventions that significantly improving an individual wellbeing. Here is great news- burnout is reversible!!!

Firstly, you need to recognise symptoms and accept the fact that you will need help. Next is seek for help, e.g. family, friends, professionals, life coach, anyone whom you trust and openly speak about your concerns. Talking to someone will help you to gain a clarity and see more options.
Once you will have some clarity about your issue, start to make changes immediately, e.g. approach HR, ask for possibility to transfer to the different department. Although, in some cases there might be the need to change a job and/or career.
It is essential to break your personal routine and learn new skills, e.g. relaxation, meditation, timeout. You can pick from the long list of techniques and find those which suit you.
Some examples here and more in free tools tab:
- Take time to go walk and pay attention to details: trees, river flow, birds.
- Play your favourite music or find new type of gentle music
- Learn birthing techniques and visualisations
- Meditation
- Gratefulness, appreciation of every little thing in your life
- Physical exercises
In more severe cases you might consider professional help from mental health practitioners for appropriate treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and more.
No matter which tools or therapies you will choose, just remember it will take time and commitment to overcome professional burnout, work and life stress and more unpleasant events. Although, to make those changes and improve your wellbeing is worth it every single breath, efforts and minutes of your precious life.
See you on the other side of your stress-free life! For more, please follow!
Coach Ewa

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Jill Langhus
Apr 17
Apr 17

Hi Ewa,

Thanks for sharing your offer, and for tackling a prominent problem, too.