Introducing myself and my journal: Pathways

Posted July 18, 2014 from Nigeria

About Me:My interest in community service began in 1996.When I worked for a literacy group as a teacher of vulnerable children. I had to stand in for six months as a class teacher of children in conflict with the Law. My passion in gender issues was stirred after six months of classroom teaching and intensive mentoring of girls. After years of mentoring, I founded an NGO called Pathway Initiatives for humanity economic and social development (PI). Academically, I have a BA in Communication and Language Acts, Masters in Performance Studies.


My Challenges:FUNDS


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Jul 19, 2014
Jul 19, 2014

Welcome FA to the Pulse wire community. You will find many resources on the website and a good place to start is the Resource Exchange section of the site. I am looking forward to reading your posts and contributions to our very energetic and positive community.

Yvette Warren
Jul 22, 2014
Jul 22, 2014

Welcome to World Pulse, where we love to "hear" the adventures of others through the use of journaling. Your visions are one step closer to achievement when you network in such a strong group of empowered people. You are only one person, but you are smart enough to know that our power is exponential when combined with other powerful people.

I am pleased to be included in the network of several brave women in Nigeria.

You are now a part of a thriving grassroots network of women leaders and supporters from more than 190 countries. See the Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

Continue to be a blessing. Yvette