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Faith Cecilia Mulenga
Posted May 22, 2015 from Zambia
Expired on May 27, 2015

ISWI, which stands for International Student Week- Ilmenau, is an international students' conference that brings exceptional students from across the globe involved in different youth programs and activities to discuss and interact on different issues that affect youths and students around the world. The conference takes place every 2 years in the city of Ilmenau-Germany.

My full names are Faith Cecilia Mulenga, and I am a law student at Cavendish University-Zambia. As a dedicated women's rights activist, passionate about social change and women's rights, I am also co-founder of a youth-led organisation called Young Women Leading-Zambia (YWLZ) a project run under SAFAIDS that deals with young women's sexual and reproductive health and rights.

I have been selected to participate in this year's ISWI under the theme 'Women and Equality' and so far, I am the only Zambian student here that was selected to participate in this year's conference. It is an opportunity for Zambia to interact with other youths around the globe, share experiences and also learn from one another how to deal with issues concerning women and equality as well as forming partnerships and networks that can help us enhance our learning experiences in a cultural diverse global community. This will also enhance and broaden my knowledge in the field of women's rights and I am certain to develop more skills that my organisation (YWLZ) could use to reach more women and define our purpose and objectives as advocates for young women's rights.

Although the organisers take care of ground expenses including meals, accommodation and insurance which have all been confirmed, participants are to take care of transport costs to and from Ilmenau. It is for this that I write to seek assistance in terms of transport to help me make my way to this exciting students' conference. I have exhausted all possible and potential avenues I thought would help to no avail. From my calculations, my return ticket will not cost more than $1500.

I will be most grateful for whatever aid I can get.

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