The Magnetic Love ever! Part: Two

Farxaan Adm
Posted January 12, 2020 from Somalia

    It became to Cawke a miracle situation. Many feelings were circulating in his mind. At that night, he couldn't eat any food nor sleeping. Amal's picture was in front of him. He got mentally tired. Same as Amal. Both of two were facing something that they had never dreamed about. This is what we commonly call "love at the first sight."       After a couple of days, Cawke messaged to Amal through whatsapp. She immediately replied to him. Luckily, Cawke was confident and approachable man. He tried to convince his feelings to Amal. On the other side, Amal wanted him so much and simpily accepted for all his demands.     Next night, Cawke and Amal met in a local hotel. They chatted two consective  hours; their faces were flashing out happiness.They went out to the downtown by strolling. At that night, a wonderful love started there.      Day after day, their love became strong and firm rope. They visited with one another; sent by surprised gifts. Their souls united as a one. Cawke and Amal shared what ever faced in their lives.       After three years in their relationship, Amal's parents came out unpleased news; they wanna to marry Amal to her cousin (Adam). Adam was older than Amal; but wealthy. He promised Amal's parents countless issues about Amal's life.      Amal heard this bad news. She called Cawke to talk about this awful news. She told him to do something. Unfortunately Cawke was a university student; his hands were empty and he cann't afford marriage. He told every thing to Amal and she simplified any issue realated to the marriage. Cawke tried to borrow some money to marry Amal; but all efforts became in vain.The only way that they had was to go together Amal's parents to show up their love; they did so. Again every thing became in vain.    Amal's parents didn't want Mr. Cawke. They saw him that he wasn't petfectable to their daughter. So, her brother had spitted out salive on cawke's face and told him to avoid from Amal. Cawke was frightened by Amal's family.     After all his efforts ended in vain, he finally decided to stop this relationship. He told Amal to accept her family decision and allow the arranged marriage. She loved him so much; ever she cann't endure one second without him. She promised she would wait for him forever. Cawke's heart was beating abnormally because he was a lover.

Hamoogaan qaybta saddexaad!

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Jill Langhus
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hi Farxaan,

Thanks for sharing the second installment of your story. I'm still curious if you are recounting a personal story or if you made it up. It's quite compelling. I wish Amal was more assertive and independent, however. I wish she was pursuing her education and that she wasn't just following what was being dictated for her. How does the story end?

Hello, Farxaan,

I wonder what culture is this. I'm quite shock with Amal being married off to a cousin. Also, the spitting on the face is really disrespectful. Or am I just culture shocked?

I agree with Jill, I want to know if this has something to do with your personal story or if this is fictistious.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Farxaan,
Thanks for the story. It's sad that people are still being disrespected in this era. It's quite sad. Keep us posted on how the story ends. Have a lovely day

Jan 14
Jan 14

End of the story :-).
What a nice story. Is it your life experience? Are you Cawke? You might have suffered but you got your true love :-)
Thanks for sharing Farxaan. You are a great writer.

Anita Shrestha
Jan 14
Jan 14

Thank you for your story. what happen after ??

Feb 08
Feb 08

Thanks for sharing the second part of your story Farxaan. The love between Amal n Cawke is so revealing. True love. But then Amal should be able to stand for what she wants. Marriage is life time commitment of two compatible persons. It's really a concern how parents could want Amal to marry her cousin in this era.... Marriage shouldn't be about money but love and understanding. And the spitting on Cawkes face was ridiculous and very disrespectful. Love is a good thing but people don't eat love or pay bills with love so
Cawke should focus on his education to become a better person and safe himself from future embarrassment.
I hope your story has a happy ending.

Felicitas Wung
Feb 08
Feb 08

I love that story....
Same situations happen everywhere. A girl is inlove with someone but the parents of the girl doesn't want the man but instead forces her to get married to someone who is rich.
Only love can keep two people together and nothing else. Nomatter the riches a man has, if there is no love, marriage will never last.
Is better that parents follow the heart desires of their children rather than imposing on them.
How did the relationship end between Amal and Cawke?
Did she wait for Cawke till the end as she promised?

Feb 08
Feb 08

Hello Farxaan!
Decisions about marriage are not to be dictated because marriage is a lifetime issue and with love endurance is easy.Amals’s parent should allow her to follow her heart so as to be able to support the triers and temtaptions in this relationship with love. Thanks for sharing.