Commanding Your Universe.

Damilola Fasoranti
Posted March 31, 2019 from Nigeria

Dear Universe,

How fair and lovely thou art.

I see the spread of the river, it tell of the goodness of divinity.

The sparkling hands of the flowers feeds my nostrils.

The gentle wind greets my ears.

The joyful birds preach in their nest.

The sound of victory is heard in my soul.

The mosquitoes sing and the dogs bark with restless fervour.

Leaves bow, tree trucks break, stems dance off the roots of mighty roots.

I taste the music of the world.

I drink armloads of serenity of heaven.

I feel awe at the magical connection of blood, veins and bones in the human body.

I hear the voices of my children and the chatter of my unborn dreams.

I am awake, alive, alert and enthusiastic.

I command my morning, day, week, month and year into fruitiness.

What I see now, is just a pinch of all the greatness that is ahead.

I touch the future, I am patient to smell the roses of present.

My past is a big arsenal of lessons in my shooting rack.

I am not my my name, I am not my where I live, I am not what what people think.

I am a spirit. I am from royalty and birth through a rare dynasty.

I have an excellent soul and I am limitless.

I know what to do per time.

I know what to say per seconds.

I know when to listen, shut up, and lead by stepping back.

I am wisdom itself. I am a force irresistible.

I am a global light irreplaceable. I am a king irreversible.

My mind is a delight, flourishing and blessing the unreached.

My life is a story of limitless! I am limitless.

What about you?

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Mar 31
Mar 31


Damilola Fasoranti
Apr 01
Apr 01

Thanks a lot ma'am..

Jill Langhus
Apr 01
Apr 01

Hi Damilola,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring, insightful and wise poem. I'm glad you realize your potential as well as the universal potential as well. So many possibilities, and gifts.

Damilola Fasoranti
Apr 01
Apr 01

You are right. Thanks a lot for your comment.

Jill Langhus
Apr 01
Apr 01

You're welcome!