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fatma maleta
Posted October 23, 2019 from Tanzania

hi im fatma maleta from Dar es salaam Tanzania. I am second born and i come from a community where there is lots of limitations , rules , everything feels like its set for you from your birth , people think they know what you want , how everything is supposed to be for you.Turns out i hate following what those rules are so i just started speaking out more .Girls cant do this , cant do that i bet everyone has heard that .I believe that girls and woman are magical, beautiful , and full of dreams and things to explore.We have been tolerating for years starting from my grandmothers , everything has been set for us , the cultures , laws ,rules  everything but i refuse to accept cause i know what i want , my hopes ,dreams , no one knows me better than myself and there is no limitations for success.The only limitation we all have is ourselves . I have found my purpose and it has led to unimaginable destinations at a very young age , i am doing things not even elders have achieved and if someone is going to stop me i just have to fight back.We do not need empowerment cause we already have it within,we are the so called empowerment  , use your voice , your strength , your journey and darling you will see how you can fly .Women are the world, beautiful, precious and rare .We are the foundation of life itself so dont sit around while there is so much in you.Its actually a sin not to use what we have been given and settling for less than we deserve .Hope my story inspires you , thank you

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Hello, Fatma,

Welcome to World Pulse! It's a joy to know that another voice form Tanzania is rising up!

You are such a strong, smart, and determined woman. You know what you want, where to go, and how to get there. Truly, a force to reckon with.

I love what you said that the only limitations we have are ourselves, and empowerment is already inside us. Truly motivating. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you can form connections with our sisters here. Please continue to write your stories here. I'm curious to know what is the purpose you mention in your post. Looking forward to reading more from you!

Have a great day!

Anita Shrestha
Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Fatma
You are great to share this

Oluwatoyin Olabisi
Oct 24
Oct 24

Hello Fatima,
Your story inspires me and I am happy that you are one of the few women in the World today fighting the dominance of Patriarchy. Wish you more strength and never relent in your efforts.
I am Oluwatoyin Taiwo, Executive Director of Women and Girl-Child Capabilities and Empowerment Organization (WGCCEO) in Nigeria. Read about us on and like our Facebook Page
Follow me back.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Welcome to World Pulse Fatma. Here we write to inspire! We encourage to be empowered!

Your story is your power.... looking forward to read of your stories of purpose.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Hello Fatma. Thank you for sharing your story! Your strength is truly inspiring. Please continue to fight for what you believe in.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Fatma,
I am inspired by your comment that "We do not need empowerment cause we already have it within, we are the so called empowerment." That is a profound perspective and one worth considering. You clearly have a strong vision for you life, and I wish you all the best as you continue to navigate your way through society and life.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Fatma,
How are you? I hope you are doing very well? A warm welcome to our amazing platform. We are glad to hear your voice.
I am happy to hear you have found your purpose. I hope you develop that purpose to suit your goals.
Congrats on your post and have great day.

Tarke Edith
Oct 24
Oct 24

Dear Fatima
You are wounderfull
I am happy you are standing firm there in Tanzania to fight for the rights of women .
You are welcome to this platform of women who are together as one to see iinto it that women are protected in the society
Thanks for sharing with us.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Dear Fatma,
Welcome on board to this wonderful platform World Pulse Family.
So good to hear your voice with determination and hope. Your every point is so valid, powerful and true. Yes, you are absolutely right, nothing can stop if a person determines. Keep it up.
I hope to hear from you more in the future.
best regards,

Jill Langhus
Oct 25
Oct 25

Hi Fatma,

Welcome to World Pulse and the Encourager program, too! I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your purpose, work and mission. It's great to see that you are already empowered. You are most likely inspiring so many women and girls already. Please keep up the good work!