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Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted October 26, 2021 from Kenya

Hello world,

It's me again. Ready to write my heart out.

Do you remember that day, the day you were gifted with a bundle of joy? Me. I made that sharp cries that filled the labour room. But instead of you joining me in crying, you did the opposite. Celebrations filled the room. Everyone was happy about my arrival. A sign of appreciation and a happy life ahead.

But, it was a short-lived life experience. You started acting weird to me. Without a slightest Crue of my mistakes, I found myself alone in a world of how, why and when. A world of unending questions.

I know am not a perfect person because I believe no human is perfect. But, can't you be fair to me if you think being good to me is a favor? As I have said, am not a perfect human which means I will sometimes fail you. If I fail to thrive in things that suits you, it doesn't mean am of less or no worth again. Expect a rise and fall from me as long as I live. Correct me rightly and help where am weak. Because you need me much as I need you.

As am ending this letter, I leave you this short poem here.

don't believe everything your eyes see

don't believe everything you hear about me

it might be a lead to a wrong judgment

I am me, different and unique

so, don't campare me with others

I might appear tiny and worthless

but I promise to be there for you 

to be there for you in a great way 

as i expecte the same from you 







This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 26
Oct 26

Dear Felister,
What a powerful poem calling out to humanity to care for each of us, knowing we are all both imperfect and perfect as we live these precious lives.

Beth Lacey
Oct 27
Oct 27

I love this poem. None of us is worthless. All of us are enough

Oct 29
Oct 29

Hi Felister
Thank you for your heartfelt words. Thank you for your resilience too. It's not easy when we are being misunderstood. Our mistakes do not determine who we are.

Much love to you dear

Grace Iliya
Nov 02
Nov 02

One’s mistakes can never determine the person. Indeed you are different and unique just as everyone of us. We have to embrace that and I am glad to see you do that in the poem.

Much Love

Felicitas Wung
Nov 03
Nov 03