My life as a teenager wife/mother

Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted September 28, 2020 from Kenya

He showed up when I was still a teenager. I was only 18 by then. Ok. this is my short life story.

Am a village girl. From a very humble christian background. A 10th born in a family of 16 children. I grew up a very focused girl. I had set my standards and goals higher. I never thought of not achieving either in my life. I had my role models, some of my bigger sisters who had completed colleges and were working. I admired great women in the society and prominent women in my country too. I wished to be great like them one day. I worked hard and smart towards my goals. I had I dream of touching and changing lives of many. I also had a special thirst for transforming my country Kenya to betterment which I still have to date.

My parents, teachers and people who were close to me had high hopes on me. None could prophecy about my downfall at the end. All was well until my last year on high school. How he proposed, how  i accepted him and later fell in love with him is still a mysterious to date. Things changed within a flash, and now I had a new chorus of love. He had occupied 75% of my mind I could tell.A weird attitude development from nowhere. I became deaf to anyone who tried to counsel or question my move. " They are all jealous of me." I thought to myself.

Few months later, the final national exam was here. "Am someone's wife, why should I bother?" I comforted myself. I was eager to wide up my last paper. After I was done, I packed and moved to his house so fast. I couldn't imagine someone else occupying my space. I was now officially someone's wife. What did i know by the then? Nothing. I couldn't differentiate between love and lust.

Whoever said marriage is not a bed ️ of roses was right. What i went through for 5yrs in the hands of this man is story for another day. At the age of 24, I was already divorced with 2 boys. Has that define my life? NO. Am still working on my goals. It's never too late for a determined soul like me. But I still have one fear. Fear of loving again. I think my heart grew more fragile for anyone to have a touch on it. It's now 10 yrs fighting and enjoying singleness at the same time.

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Thank you for sharing your story!! After life’s ups and downs it’s good to read you are still a determined soul. Our trials is what shape us to be strong women!
I pray one day you’ll be able to open your heart again so you can be loved, valued and appreciated in a way you highly deserve! Thanks again for sharing! Keep going ❤️

Thank you so much. Am a witness of how trials can transform and shape one's life. Learning through a hard way. My prayers is one day I will be blessed with my true genuine love. Every woman needs to be loved and appreciated unconditionally.

Nini Mappo
Sep 29
Sep 29

Sasa Felly :)
Aki woiye hiyo ni story tough:/ I'm sorry that you have been burned by love, or at leas what you thought to be love. It is heart-breaking when a dream turns into a nightmare, and kills all the other dreams in its wake. That's why I'm so glad to see you here, because it means you've healed enough to pick up your dreams and start working on them again.
Your distrust of men, and for good cause, reminded me of this Engage talk (Kenyan) of a woman in the same situation and the man who helped her to trust again. I hope that such a man comes for you soon.
Sending love and hugs. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Keep pushing for your dreams, they are valid :)
Love to your boys too.

Hey friend.
Thank you for your encouraging words. Am healed, picking up the pieces while enjoying the gift of life. My prayers are that one day God Will fulfill my heart desires.

Sep 30
Sep 30

Hi Felister,

Thankfully, we are not defined by our past, but what we do with it. How are your lovely boys? Our hugs.

You are destined for greater heights because you have since identified where you swerved. We all make incorrect decisions sometimes and life has taught us that many men just treat the women in their lives as do not blame yourself for his attitude at all. The world actually needs more role models for our men.

You are loved, appreciated and celebrated by your sisters here. Keep impacting others positively, be too busy as an entrepreneur getting empowered and sure, someone who appreciates you and would treat you right would soon be around the corner.:)

Keep writing and sharing your thoughts with us.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Thank you so much dear sisters. I believe and pray that one day, my right perfect person will locate me.
About my boys, they are all doing fine. And I thank God everyday for them. They are my happiness.

Shirin Dalaki
Oct 12
Oct 12

Dear Felister,

Welcome to World Pulse and thank you for sharing your story. I love it when you say," It's never too late for a determined soul like me." This sentence has so much power in it and I am glad you are a strong woman. I hear about the fear you express. I had fear myself after my divorce but it is only temporary and this shall pass too. You are loved and the one who truly deserves you will show up in your life. I hear about your heart and I hold the vision of love and light for your healing. it is nice to have you on World Pulse.


Felister Gichia1598131262

Hey Salami,
Am happy to be here. And glad too to meet a friend like you. Thank you for the encouraging words. Am trusting the process, be blessed.