Am still the same little girl you once showered with love.

Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted October 19, 2020 from Kenya

Hello world,

Can I please have a minute of discussion with you? The moment I landed into your hands, I cried. But you smiled back. You celebrated my birth because I was an indication of a special gift.

You were once my cheer squad, you celebrated every baby steps I made. I felt so secured in your arms. You gave me the warmth and the light to grow. From a toddler to a jovial bold girl. I was once your favorite little cutie. You were very positive about my success in future. How can I even forget how you used to pamper me with goodies? 

Am sad. Very sad indeed. When and why did you become this hostile? I may be all grown to a mature woman with wrinkled skin, but am still the same favorite girl. Who gave you the right to serve me with kicks whenever a make the slightest mistakes? Correct me in the right manner. Stop being too quick to judge me because am a woman. Stop pulling me back whenever I try to make a step ahead because your minds tells you that I belong to a "weak gender."

Your positive energy is still needed for me to grow. My dreams of scaling up to the highest are still valid despite my age. Cheer me up, hold my hands and together we shall win. A woman's success is a win to the whole world.

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Paulina Nayra
Oct 20
Oct 20

Hello Felister,
I very much love your story. It is an open letter to the whole world in behalf of girls. Did you post this in your other social media accounts? And yes, your write convincingly. Hope to read you again. Take care.

Thank you dear sister, thank you for the positive compliment too. I haven't shared to other social platforms but I will.
Hugs to you too.

Nini Mappo
Oct 20
Oct 20

Hello Dear Felister:)
I love your appeal, to love and affirmation that does not dwindle with age. I hear you about how expectations rise and mistakes are instantly condemned as we grow older, which is when we need guided dialogue and not reprimands. I love how you connect with the girl inside. The girl who will succeed and be cheered on as she wins. You are indeed still that girl. Even if expectations have increased too much to reduce grace, your potential is still there. So rise, in spite of the criticism, rise, even when your hands are yours to clasp in prayer with no one to hold them. Rise because you've done it before, and because we are here:)
But your post has challenged me as a parent, because I feel those expectations rising, and I hope that I can still summon that positive energy for my children, and remember to cheer and celebrate the effort and the process, when the expectations have not been fully met.
Thank you for the encouragement and call to action dear Felister. It's always a pleasure to read from you:)

Even though we fall to be among the victims of our forefathers mistakes. It's our responsibility to cut off the thread. It's the time to rethink of the best way to remain the best parents to our children. Not only to our biological children but to every child around us.

Oct 21
Oct 21

So touching! Dear felister you've just reminded me of my story .

Sorry for whatever you went through. Sad that the hands that once used to hold us closer are the same hands pushing us to the predators

Sabiha Hasan
Oct 21
Oct 21

It's beautiful but painful. I can feel it in my mind and heart. Take care dear sister

A very painful state but we must remain strong. Take care too.

Oct 22
Oct 22

'A Woman's Success is a win to the whole world'
These are very poignant words because truer words were never said.
Thank you for this open positive letter to the world on behalf of the female gender, dear Felister.
It needs to be said again and again.
Hope you are doing well.

"truer words were never said." Powerful words too.
We are emerging from the dark and it's our responsibility to shed the light for those behind us. Thank you and be blessed.

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 23
Oct 23

Dear Felister,
You have seen through this lie we have been told that we as women and girls are "the weaker sex". This lie has been made up to give men the idea that they are superior and deserve to control us. All made up, and held in place because being honest and fair means sharing the wealth of this world equally, and sharing the work. It is so good to read your strong words.
"Who gave you the right to serve me with kicks"
"Stop pulling me back whenever I try to make a step ahead because your minds tells you that I belong to a "weak gender."
We are here to make these changes together, and built by messages like yours here. Your voice will inspire many.

Am glad you are here too. It's our duty and responsibility to fight these ideologies
Be blessed dear sister.

Oct 25
Oct 25

Dear Felister,
Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you too and be blessed.

Karin vonKrenner
Oct 26
Oct 26

Beautifully written. The transition of child to woman and how the world can change in it's treatment of people. Thank you for sharing. Virtual hug for your bravery in bringing us this story.

Hugs too darling.
Thank you for your encouraging words

Oct 27
Oct 27

merci bcp pour cette histoire et belle lettre écris c'est intéressant , désolé pour ce que tu as traversé, j'espère que vous êtes en bonne santé

Thank you dear sister.

Laura Shier
Nov 05
Nov 05

Felister, your worth is there and shines through your words. Listen to your own words as I have done. You are the same favorite girl and your worth is in your righteousness. Keep moving forward and listen to your voice and use the strength which you received from the start.

Despite the age, we still remain fragile. We grow old but not hard to be mishandled.