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Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted October 25, 2020 from Kenya

I have never been sorry for being born a girl. But I have a secret to reveal. My bleeding heart has led me to live a very sad life. Not just for a day, a week nor an year, but for the better part of my life. A girl's life has been in danger. Living in fear has become our norm. Not only from strangers but also from our own family members and guardians.

These rapists and pedophiles are sparing non. From toddlers, adults and even our very old grandmothers. Our brothers, fathers, uncles and neighbors are no longer our guardians but predators. Where are the lawmakers? Where are the girl child's advocates? 

But we have also failed as women. This behavior of undressing our young ones in public should stop. It's our duty to teach and protect their womanhood since childhood. A child should grow knowing that her private parts are private and no unauthorized person should have a look or a touch at them. I remember some years back, a friend of mine experienced a very painful moment when she found her two year old daughter bleeding in pain. Upon interrogations, she got a very loud shock on realizing out that her 12 year old son was the suspect. After the boy was questioned about the evil act, he shamelessly and innocently answered. "I have only used one of my fingers to know the depth of the (hole)." A very embarrassing moment to the parents.

My fellow women, this is our fight. Let's not give it a rest until we restitute our lost dignity.


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Oct 25, 2020
Oct 25, 2020

Hi Felister,
I like your charge "... this is our fight. Let's not give it a rest until we restitute our lost dignity." We definitely would not rest until we can give the victory shout all over the world.

I agree with you that we should undress the female child privately irrespective of the age of the child, although I do not agree that we have all failed as women. Rather, times have changed. Our minds are being overloaded with a lot of negativity from the society and social media. We have to change methods and tactics now. That is why we must keep raising our voices, which is one of the objectives of World Pulse. I invite you to read my piece below too:

Together, we can.

Hugs and love,
E. J.

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Oct 26, 2020
Oct 26, 2020

Hello, Felister,

The knowledge that millions of girls feel unsafe in the world today is heart-wrenching. Sometimes, I couldn't sleep at night whenever my thoughts wander about a girl somewhere out there being trapped with an abuser. We all need to break the cycle as much as we can.

I agree with E.J., we cannot generalize that women failed as a whole. There are many who are actively and intentionally creating safe spaces and establishing organizations to save as much as girls they can within the resources they have. We read stories as such on World Pulse. Yes, as parents, we have our responsibilities to educate our children and to keep them safe as well.There are a lot of things to do.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Nini Mappo
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Hello Felister,
To destitute our lost dignity is such a noble call! Thank you for the reminder that girls (and boys) running around naked is no longer the norm as it was in our growing up years. The world is so sexualised and sexual safety is decreasing fast. I agree that some mothers (and fathers) have failed to offer timely sex and body dignity education to their children, especially because of the 'taboo nature' of sex in the rural context. We all collectively can create safer spaces for our girls and women. It is good that as a mother/auntie/community member you are aware of this need. Good on you :)

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