It's my new home.

Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted October 26, 2020 from Kenya

Am a happy soul, am glad to be here too. I can proudly lift a mic and say that I found solace in the world pulse home. Growing wiser everyday. Your inspirational quotes keeps me going.  Am also looking forward to impact lives through this platform by sharing the little knowledge I have.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 26
Oct 26

Hello Felister,

How are you doing?

We're glad you're here, too:-) Yay! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing!

I'm sure you have a lot of valuable knowledge, experience and qualities to share with the world, dear.

Hope you're safe and well, and that you have a good week, dear.

Hello, Felister,

Yes, I agree with Jill, we are happy you are here. We are excited to walk with you on your journey. Please keep us updated!

Shirin Dalaki
Oct 26
Oct 26

Dear Felister,
I am glad to know that you are a happy soul. You matter and what you say with your positive energy makes a difference. Thanks.

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Felister :)
We are glad that you too now are World Pulse! What you add is valuable and life giving. We all need each other to lift each other up, so keep sprinkling your healing love and joy and wisdom ;)

Steph L

We are happy to have you Felister, let's continue to inspire each other!