The bridge

Felister Gichia1598131262
Posted February 20, 2021 from Kenya

How do you share your success with others?

Are you that person who share a table with hungry people but you swallow a plateful of meals as others watch?

Let us learn the art of sharing the little we have with others. Let us also build  bridges for those behind us.

For the love of poems, I share my sentiments with you through a poem.

 At the edge of the marsh

​​​​​​I will stick and unstuck myself

with a heap of the harvested reeds

I take my very first step

steps towards the ocean

where my long journey takes off 


A point where construction begins

construction of the ever strongest bridge

with the risk of its inhabitants

I will dive and swim across, but 

I will still remain strong and focused

for the care in me burns with flames


The struggle is real, but

behind me is the bridge

a bridge woven from the reeds 

a step way for those behind me

for I need to share a bite with them

a bite of the sweetest fruit

a fruit that only grows at the edge of this ocean 

Much love.





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Jill Langhus
Feb 22
Feb 22

Hello Felister,

Thanks for sharing your lovely, powerful poem. Yes, on building bridges:-)

Hope you're well and that you have a good, safe week, dear.

Thank you too Jill.
Great week ahead.

Jill Langhus
Feb 24
Feb 24

You're very welcome, dear.


Beth Lacey
Feb 23
Feb 23

This is a gripping poem

Thank you Beth.

Nini Mappo
Feb 23
Feb 23

Hello Felister,
You paint such an inviting picture with your words, that draws me on to the edge of the sea with you, that summons me to see the value in your skill and passion going into that bridge, and its power in the lives of others! Thank you for sharing.

How are you these days?
love and sparkles to you sis :)

Thank you Nini.
Am doing great, hope you are fine too.