Origami Story Book

Feyza Papak
Posted September 30, 2020 from Turkey

Hello dear friends,

This is the first page of the book which I prepared all the details by my own like the fiction, the visuals, the videos which show up when the QR code is read. I enjoyed preparing all the details. 

I really hope to publish it one day.

It's written in Turkish so let me translate and explain how this book can be beneficial for the kids.

The book is about a girl named Oya, it's the first day of summer holiday. She's very excited to go fishing with her dad so she wakes up very early on the morning and get ready to go. You can see Oya is kind of nervous on the picture it's because before they leaving the house for the final check she looks at the mirror and start to think her outfit is very suitable to walk or rest but something is missing.

In this part story stops and the book named "Book Ori" start to talk with kids and asking what Oya needs not get sick because of spending long time under sunshine. Due to this question Book Ori says it could be a hat. So Book Ori tells pick a paper and make a hat for Oya. 

On this point as you can see there are 3 QR Codes. One is for a traditional origami hat, second one is for a developed straw hat model and the third one is for origami sun glasses video. I've prepeared the videos by myself and i also use them in my lessons. Kids (age 9-10) really enjoyed to make them. 

You can use the videos to spend quality time with your kids or even students.

I hope you enjoyed this share.

Please share your comments about what you really think and i'll be so happy to get your advices.

Have a great day sisters!

This story was submitted in response to Technology for Change.

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Nini Mappo
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

Hello Fayza,
I love this bedroom scene. I had no idea that one could create whole scenes with origami! The only origami I know is birds haha, but yours is serious game!
I was wondering whether you made all the pieces, then photographed them, or whether it's 3D computer graphics? I can't tell which. Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, and yes, you should consider publishing it definitely.
Did you know you can self-publish on Amazon? Is that available in your country for everyone?

Feyza Papak
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

Hello Nini,
Untill pandemi for sure i was in the same situation :) I start to make origami on 20th of April 2020 but since that day i sleep more and less 3 hours a day. During the day i have to work after work i have a little girl to spend time and take care so i just have time during the night to work on origami :)
I made by my own all the details on the picture evet the girl :) i know she looks funny but drawing has to be kind of simple to put forward origami pieces. I mean at least i thought in that way :)
I did not know about amazon self publishing. Thank you so much opening a new door for me, i will check it for sure.
It's my pleasure to get comment from you. Thank you so much spending time to read and leave a comment to my story. You've a very polite soul..

Laetitia Shindano
Oct 10, 2020
Oct 10, 2020

Chère sœur
Félicitations pour cette initiative qui fait le bonheur des lecteurs.
Courage et bonne continuation.


Nov 02, 2020
Nov 02, 2020

Hello Feyza,
I hope you are doing very well.
Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of art work. I enjoyed reading through your post and the cover picture is beautiful Unfortunately, I cannot scan the 3 QD scans to see your aamzing work but I am impressed by the idea of using cardboxes to recreate beautiful stories.
Thank you for sharing.

May 19
May 19

Dear Fayza,

This looks beautiful.

Thank you for sharing.